Summary: Two Main Themes: Physical Attraction/Sex is Good How can I be physically attracted to/for my date/mate?

Series: The Art of Dating, Love, & Relationships

Message: The Art of Physical Attraction

Topics: Physical, Attraction, Sex, Dating, Relationships, Self-image, Character

Two Main Themes:

Physical Attraction/Sex is Good

How can I be physically attracted to/for my date/mate?

Text: Song of Solomon 1:1-8

Date: February 12, 2012

Pastor: David McBeath


This is going to be fun! Because, today, we are going to begin a new sermon series on the book of Song of Solomon. Go ahead and turn there in your Bibles. If you don’t’ have a Bible with you, grab one out of the pew or chair in front of you. Song of Solomon is on p. 707 of the Pew Bibles.

Technologically Advanced/But Not Relationally and Sexually Enlightened

I want begin my message this morning by asking you how much technology do you have in your life. (Shout out some of the technology we have today!)

We have high speed internet, whole house DVR, DVD/Blue Ray players, 3D TV, cell phones, blackberries or phones with personal data assistants built right in, Kindles with libraries of books we can have on a little machine and our laptop computers….and the list could go on and on and on….! The rate at which new information is accessible to us doubles in less than two weeks!

We are the most educated, sophisticated, rational society in all of history! And, we have all the wonderful advancements of Western Civilization, literally, at our fingertips and yet we hold in your hands a collection of Poems 3000 years old about a good relationship. …. …..And we can’t wait to know why this relationship is so good.

You see we think we are we are sophisticated, but when it comes to learning how to have good relationships …who isn’t dying to know more! Am I right?

So why is this? Why can’t we wait to see what a 3000 year old document has to say about attraction and marriage?

Here is the reason: The fundamental issues related to human relationships and attraction have not changed in 3000 years. ….We think we are advanced, but are we really? Is there more clarity on relationships and attraction now than then? …. I don’t think so!

This is why I can’t wait to get started! I know the world doesn’t have the answers. Most of us here know something is not right about our “advanced” society’s view of attraction, relationships, marriage, and sex!

Many of us want to hear this message, because deep down we know the world’s way is messed up. We know it’s messed up because we have following its way. Even Christians, studies show that our divorce rate is actually higher than the non-Christians divorce rate.

Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock Song

Let me illustrate all of this with a song Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock sang about ten years ago. It’s a haunting song called “Picture.” It’s not a beautiful song like Song of Solomon, but in a way this song mirrors the structure of Song of Solomon because in both songs we hear a male and female voice singing about their relationship. Kid Rock (The guy) sings:

Livin' my life in a slow hell. Different girl every night at the hotel. I aint seen the sunshine in 3 dang days. Been fuelin' up on whisky and cocaine. Wish I had a good girl to miss me. [Do you hear the longing for something better? NOW HERE IS THE RECOGNITION THE WORLDS WAY IS THE WRONG WAY: LISTEN] Lord I wonder if I'll ever change my ways. I put your picture away Sat down and cried that day. I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to her.

Now listen to the female voice (Sherly Crow) I called you last night in the hotel. Everyone knows but they won’t tell. But their half-hearted smiles tell me Somethin' just ain't right. I been waitin' on you for a long time. Fuelin' up on heartaches and cheap wine. I ain't heard from you in 3 dang nights. I put your picture away. I wonder where you been. I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to him.

It haunting isn’t! Especially, when you hear these lyrics put to music. It’s haunting because some of us have felt this way! We’ve been there! Maybe not to that extreme, but we’ve been there. For others, it’s haunting because we have loved ones, sons, daughters, grandkids that are there. They are in this mess and we wish we could help!

And let’s say you’ve never been in this place, that’s described by this song. I bet you can relate to the guy who slips under the covers secretly wishing his wife would roll over and attack him as if he was the most attractive man on earth. Or the woman who watching the movie on the couch while eating popcorn with her husband that wonders why her husband doesn’t playfully chase her around the bedroom like Jack Campbell played by Nicolas Cage chased his wife in the movie “The Family Man”. Inside she thinks it is because she is not as attractive as the blond in this movie?

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