Summary: This message shares one of the most important truth in scriptures. We know He rose but we also know which way He went during His departure.

Introduction: Our Lord departed this world with an emphasis on evangelism. The Ascension teaches us several lessons:

I. He was the Son of God. (Only God could ascend upwards without aid)

II. He Kept His Word. (I am going to prepare a place)

III. He Finished His Work. (He said;"it is finished")

IV. He Left the Route for us. (He declared Himself as the Way)

V. He didn't Hide to Depart. (He left while men watched)

VI . He didn't Look Back, His Heart was Upward. (They looked up but the text say nothing about Him looking back)

VII . He came from Above. ( He came unto own)

VIII. He will Come Back for Us. (The text says; that same Jesus will return in the same manner)

Conclusion: Will you be ready to go up with Him ?

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