Summary: A drama for children: The ascension of Jesus.


(Luke 24: 45-53, to celebrate the ascension of Jesus into heaven.)


The ascension of Jesus.


1. To teach that Jesus ascended into heaven.

2. To teach that through the ascension of Jesus, he comes to us.

3. To teach that Jesus continues to give us joy, peace and love.

Focus Words:

1. joy, peace, and love

2. travel; days, weeks, and months

3. Jesus ascended into heaven

4. Jesus comes to us


1. A colourful crown to wear on your head.

2. A colourful cloak

3. A number of gas filled party balloons. (approx. five to work with, and a few extra to give away after the service.)

4. plus, a dash of humour


Dress up like a visiting magi or a wise person from the east, and of course holding the balloons as you enter. What a sight!

Drama Points:

1. When the children are in place, start straight away as it helps to settle them.

2. “Good morning everyone. As you can see I am a wise man from the east, and I am carrying these gifts from the east. Today, we are celebrating Ascension Day, which was the day that Jesus ascended into heaven, the day he rose up into the sky and returned home.” (Release your grip on the balloons strings for a moment to demonstrate the meaning of ascending.) “Just like these balloons, Jesus ascended into heaven.”

3. “That reminds me of the first time that I met Jesus. You see, there were a group of us wise men from the east; we followed this very special star that we saw in the night sky. We travelled for days, weeks, and months until the star rested over the town of Bethlehem.”

4. “There, lying in the manger, I saw baby Jesus. Mary and Joseph, and the shepherds were there too.”

5. “When I saw Jesus, I had joy, peace, and I felt his love for us all.”

6. “When Jesus saw me, he lifted his little arm and I knew exactly what he wanted. As I began to untie the balloons, the other wise men slipped him their gifts. They were gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold. I still think that my gift should have been mentioned in the Bible too.”

7. “Soon, it was time to travel back home. It took days, weeks, and months to get back home again.”

8. “There, away from Jesus I began to miss him. I missed the joy, the peace, and the love I felt from just being with Jesus.”

9. “Some time later, I travelled back to find Jesus. It took days, weeks, and months to get there.”

10. “When I found Jesus, he was near the town of Bethany with his disciples and friends. Mary and Martha, and Lazarus were there too.

11. “I had just arrived in time to see Jesus ascend into heaven. (Again, release your grip on the balloons strings for a moment to show and reinforce the meaning of ascending.) I called out to Jesus, “Will I see you again?”

Jesus replied, “Don’t worry, be happy. I promise to send you the Holy Spirit.”

12. “Today, I am happy that Jesus ascended into heaven and promised to send the Holy Spirit. No longer do I or you, or anyone else have to travel for days, weeks, and months to see Jesus.

13. “Today, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus comes to us. Jesus comes to us when we pray, he comes to us when we read the Bible, he comes to us when we are at church, and he comes to us when we take Holy Communion. Jesus can come to millions of people all over the world. He can come to you at any time.”

14. “When Jesus comes to us, he can give us joy, peace, and love.”

15. “I am happy that Jesus has ascended into heaven. No longer do I have to travel for days, weeks, and months to see Jesus. He comes to see me and all of us, and brings us the gifts of joy, peace and love.”

16. Let us pray. “Dear Jesus, we thank you for ascending into heaven. We thank you that today you come to be with us and give us the gifts of joy, peace and love. Amen.”

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