Summary: The male seed (man) is under attack today. This is part two of the message "The Attack of the Male Seed".

In Part I of the message "The Attack of the Male Seed", we began to look at seven issues of what it means to be a man. Our goal is to get men to examine themselves and see how we measure up to God’s standard as men.

IV. A man isn’t abusive or disrespectful.

This is a big problem today. We see, all too often, males beating on women and children. We see them yaking advantage of those less able to defend themselves. You are not acting like a man if you beat on a female or brutalize your children. That’s not taking dominion.

If you look at Genesis 1:26 again, you’re see God gave us dominion over everything but each other. God sent women to be our helpmates, not our slaves. What makes you think you’re justified in hitting a female? I don’t care how provoked or angry you feel, you don’t have a right, and you’re not justified hitting a female. “But, pastor, she deserved to be hit. She needed to be beat. She was asking for it.” No. No. No! You’re trying to dominate and control the woman by intimidation. The real truth of the matter is you’re the one who’s intimidated, and you feel violence is the only way you can deal with things.

As far as our children are concerned, we don’t beat our children either: we discipline them. It’s not the government’s responsibility to raise our children. It’s not the school system’s responsibility to raise our children either. The school’s job to educate our kids. It’s our responsibility to train our children: to teach them etiquette, teach them how to deal with authority, teach them about the facts of life, and to instill godly values in them.

V. A man isn’t an irresponsible sower of seed.

We’ve got too many males, young and old, saint and sinner, who are having sex with females they’re not married to. And, as a result of this, children are being born out of wedlock. The sin isn’t the female getting pregnant. The sin is having sex with someone you’re not married to.

And, to make matters worse, the male who caused the conception of this child, all too often refuses to take responsibility for the child he created, or he outright denies the child is his. We’re leaving the mothers to raise the children we helped create, all by themselves. I’m not exonerating the females from responsibility; but, we, as men, are responsible for how we conduct ourselves. We’ve got to stop playing it off as, “Boys will be boys.”

Sometimes men can even be physically present in the home, yet don’t participate in the child’s upbringing. Despite what society tries to imply, marriage isn’t an outmoded institution. God ordained marriage and He still expects us to marry before indulging in sex. As males, we’re responsible to respect and protect the females of the species, not to use them to satisfy our personal lusts and appetites. What’re you doing looking at pornography? Women aren’t sex toys to be used for our pleasure and discarded when we’re finished with them.

The Old Testament says that if you lie with a woman, you are to marry her. It didn’t say if you get her pregnant; it says if you have sex with her. Men, God is going to hold us accountable for how we treat women.

We’re bringing children into the world that are growing up without fathers to learn from. So, without a father to instruct them in righteousness, they’re going elsewhere to learn who they are: their peers, other men, the government, porno magazines, television, and other places.

What are some of the results of the male man being out of position? Our children are having children of their own that they’re not equipped to raise or support; they’re joining gangs; they’re getting involved in criminal activity; they’re becoming homosexuals; they’re becoming hooked on drugs and alcohol; they’re rebellious to authority.

We’ve got to be men of honor and respect our women and be the fathers to our children they need us to be.

VI. A man is secure in his masculinity.

A man knows he’s a man. Everybody is afraid or uncomfortable to take a stand against homosexuality these days, including preachers. We’re afraid of being labeled homophobes or of being insensitive, intolerant or bigoted. Well, I’ll take that chance.

The bible says in Lev. 20:13: "If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them".

Romans 1:27 reads: "And likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that wich is unseemly shameful], and receiving in themselves that recompence (penalty] of their error which was meet [due]."

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