Summary: To challenge people to reach one more soul for Christ.


Luke 15:1-10

1. He is not satisfied with what he has as long as there is ONE MORE that is lost.

„« The shepherd surely could have just waited a few months and he would have had well over a hundred sheep in his flock.

„« The woman could have worn her head band in such a way that no one would have noticed that a coin was missing.

2. He knows that he cannot just wait for that ONE MORE to show up.

„« The shepherd leaves the ninety and nine in the wilderness and goes after the one that is lost until he finds it.

„« The woman doesn¡¦t wait until searching is easier (i.e. daylight). She lights a candle, sweeps the house, and seeks diligently until she find the coin.

„« The Lord left heaven to come to earth to seek and save the lost.

3. He understands the condition that the ONE MORE is in: He is lost!

„« The shepherd knows that being lost and needing to be found far outweighs the need of the ninety and nine. While most churches and believers center on how we can minister to the ¡§ninety and nine,¡¨ we more often than not neglect the ONE MORE that is lost.

„« The woman understands the value of the lost coin. Not having the tenth coin in her head band would disgrace her commitment to her husband. Would to God we had the same attitude about ONE MORE soul.

4. He identifies with the main mission of Jesus: to seek and save the lost: reach ONE MORE! Luke 19:10

„« Christ¡¦s mission has become his mission.

„« Christ¡¦s passion has become his passion.

5. He comprehends the concept of ONE MORE being found!

„« The shepherd calls his friends and neighbors together to celebrate the finding of the lost sheep.

„« The woman calls her friends and neighbors together to celebrate the finding of the lost coin.

„« The heavenly Father calls all of heaven together to celebrate the finding of ONE MORE SOUL!

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