Summary: Sermon 2 in series You Need A Hug -Comfort in the Changes of Life

The Auction of Temptation- Sermon 2:

Series: You Need A Hug - Comfort In The Changes of Life

Song 7:10

Luke 22:31

Introduction: One aspect of our consolation in Christ is that He knew what it was to be tempted of the devil. One impressive feature of His temptation is His willingness to be assailed by the devil that He might be able to help those tempted by such adversary (Heb. 2; 18) The word here used means to run at the cry for help or to advance in aid for one in need. Is it not comforting and encouraging to know that when the enemy sorely tries us, Jesus hears our cry for help and hastens to deliver us?

When temptations gather,

Breathe that Holy Name prayer.

Second, although Jesus was tempted in all points like we are, He emerged from every contest victorious or apart from sin (Heb.4: 15). There is no sin in being tempted. The sin comes in yielding to temptation.

Yield not to temptation,

For yielding is sin.

Had Jesus yielded at any point, He would not have been the sinless Savior. He would likewise have forfeited the authority and power to advance in aid when tempted ones look to Him for victory.

We often fail to realize what a ceaseless conflict rages between the Savior and Satan for the mastery of the soul. These passages express the deep, solemn truth concerning rival bidders for the souls of man. One bidder is heavenly, the other hellish; one scared, the other satanic; one fair, the other foul; one beautiful, the other bestial; the one blesses, the other blasts; one is the reigning Lord, the other raging lion.

The conflict for the mastery of a human life greatly resembles an auction room with its atmosphere of eagerness among the bidders to secure the priceless goods offered. No two bidders can secure the same article since it is to be "knocked down" to the highest bidder. With such a figure before our minds, let us apply it to the battle for the possession of souls, souls that Christ desires in fullness, souls whom the enemy would threaten at any chance.

Let us examine:

1.The Auction room which is the inner life.

2.The Rival Bidders which is the Savior and Satan.

3.The treasure for auction which is one’s whole being.

4.The auctioneer which is the will of man.

1.The Auction Room

The auction room is both seen and unseen. When you enter into God’s house, great issues confront you. Rivals are there, earnestly desiring to have you. Holy voices urging you to repent, while hellish influences encourage you to reject the Savior.

The auction room is also your own heart. Man’s innermost being is ever the ultimate battlefield. The savior with eyes of love, a heart of compassion, and hands of mercy stands before the soul. With the wooing notes of grace, He strikes to win the allegiance He truly deserves. Satan, with his devilish hatred, his diabolical purpose, and his hands stained with the blood of millions both in and out of the gates of hell, likewise waits to clutch the sinner, who, understanding the claims of these rival bidders, must knock down his soul to one of them.

2. The Rival Bidders

The text verses have a direct application to the Christian, for within the Christian there is the constant struggle for mastery. Satan realizes that he cannot repossess a saved person, but he knows he can cripple his testimony. The enemy desired to have Job. "My desire is that Job may be tried unto the end" (Job 34:36). Until our lives end Satan and Christ will be in conflict over the mastery of our souls. The devil will take advantage of God’s permission to tempt us. By subtle devices he will try to wreck our witness and sends us maimed to heaven. It was thus that he desired to have Peter. There the word desire means to ask exclusively for or to practically demand. Christ’s intercession on Peter’s behalf prevailed, however, over the enemy’s purpose.

Let us make no mistake about the fact that Satan desires to have the saints - that is, to ruin their spirituality or to keep them from realizing the fullness of the blessings of God. Christ, on the other hand, yearns for the believer’s satisfaction. As the King of the Saints, he greatly desires their beauty. Before the kinsman will hand over such treasure to one of them, he must know the characters of the rival bidders for his soul.

Who is Satan? How does the Bible describe him? He is the serpent, subtle and cunning in his approach. He is the adversary, the antagonist of God and man. He is the devil, a name meaning to throw down. He is a murderer and is responsible for wars, murders, and suicides. He is a liar, a deceiver. Falsity is his chief stock in trade. The prince of demons, he marshals all evil forces for your destruction. He is the roaring lion, devouring, savage, out to consume. He is the dragon, bestial, hateful, and fierce. He is an angel of light, plausible, gilding his hollow pleasures. How can man be content to follow and serve this hound of hell? He has no good intentions towards any soul!

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