Summary: To help God's people realize in a deeper and greater sense what we have and often are not useing. To encourage all to use what we have at our disposal.



A. The word authority is used thirty-seven times beginning in Easter 9:29 – Revelation 13:2.

a. It means the power or right to give commands, enforce obedience, take action or make final decisions.

b. This authority or power is delegated by someone to someone else.

c. It is like the power of attorney to act in the behalf of someone.

d. It gives the person the power of attorney is given power and right to make decisions, sign legal papers and act on behalf of another.

1. Jesus has given all His children the power of attorney to do what needs to be done to advance exalt and build His kingdom.

2. Many Christians and churches are weak and anemic today because they are not exercising the authority or power given to them.

3. We can say to this mountain be moved into the sea and it will be done.

4. We can say to the storm or storms in our life peace be still and the sea of life will become calm.

5. We can resist the devil and he not only will but has to flee from us.

e. This that I am talking to you about is ours but we fail to exercise it for various reasons.

1. I put myself at the top of the list of those who for whatever reason or excuse fail or refuse to step out on faith and exercise the authority and power delegated to us by the Father through the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2. I do not condemn anyone only state this that we may search our hears find the answer and go to the Father for the Healing balm that we might do exercise the authority and power given us. (may almighty God have mercy on us and forgive us of our sin of neglect)

B. You will notice that the word authority and power are interchangeable they mean about the same thing depending on how the words are used.

a. In this verse I have used as my text Jesus called His disciples and gave them power (authority) over unclean spirits, to cast them out, to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of diseases.

b. In Acts 1:8 Jesus said to the disciple’s, You shall receive power (authority) when the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

C. There are some wrong concepts of the authority of the believer that needs to be noted.

1. One is the belief that the authority of the believer is received with the fullness of the Spirit.

2. In this concept it is taught that the believer receives the authority by coming of the Spirit of God into the soul in His divine fullness gives authority.

3. But the believer's authority exists before he/she

realizes in any special way the Spirit's presence or seeks the Spirits fullness.

4. It is certainly true that the fullness of the Spirit empowers and enlightens the believer.

5. But the fullness is not the source of the authority, but something apart from it.

6. Nor can authority be regarded as some special gift conferred, whereby the recipient is endued with power,

Ill. Authority, then, is delegated power. There is a story told of the Right Honorable W. E. Gladstone, when he served as Prime Minister of Great Britain. On one occasion, he brought in to Queen Victoria, an important measure for her signature, in order that it might become law. The queen objected to it, and after some discussion, refused to sign. The Minister of the Crown was unusually urgent: "You’re Majesty," he said, respectfully but firmly, "you must sign this Bill." She turned on him haughtily: "Sir, I am the Queen of England." Unmoved, the statesman answered quietly: "Your Majesty, I am the people of England." After a little thought, she accepted the situation, and affixed her signature to the document. that which backs his enemies, and which they are compelled to recognize.

7. The soul's authority dates from its contact with Calvary not the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

a. Let’s look at some areas of authority the believer has.


A. Live a victorious life for Jesus.

a. Storms trials temptation will come but we do not have to succumb to them.

b. Jesus tells us in each of the letters to the seven churches that we do not have to be overcome by anything but can overcome anything.

c. Notice He said to each church, to him that overcomes and he that overcomes. Revelation 2-3

d. This tells us that we choose whither we overcome or are overcome because of the authority of the believer.

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