Summary: The power of God is available to those who will allow faith to work in their lives.

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Human beings are always impressed with power.

A. At an Air Force base....... when there is an air matter what one feels about the military

and can’t help but be impressed with

the awesome power of these air machines.

1. When I was in the Navy, it was impressive to

watch a jet take off from the short runway

provided for it on the carrier.

B. There are some films that one can see which are

records of the nuclear tests that were done on the

Bikini Atoll.

1. A person can see gigantic ships being sucked

up this column of water.

a. Scientists were a little nervous duringthis


1.) They wondered at what they had

unleashed...they wondered if it was

under control or if it would start a

chain of events which would end

this world.

2. I am sure that the ones who survived the

explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were

more than impressed.

a. The Japanese high command were so

impressed, that they surrendered.

C. There is tremendous power which one can witness

in the “Saturn” rockets.

1. A flame which is almost blinding if it is seen

in person.

2. A noise which could deafen a person if they

did not have their ears plugged in some way.

3. Vibrations so intense that a person’s body

starts to vibrate in sympathetic resonance.

D. Then there is the awesomness of God’s great


1. Waterfalls around the world.

a. Angel falls.

1.) The tallest.

b. Niagara falls.

2.) The widest.

** In my personal experience with Niagara Falls...I felt the

ground vibrate beneath my feet and the air was filled

with mist (even in the parking lot...far away from the


1. We are impressed because our senses can register

the awesome it from man’s creations,

or God’s.

a. We can see it...feel it....hear it.........In short,

we experience the power and we can’t help

but be impressed.

2. They tell me that the power potential found in

a hurricane can add up to hundreds of

thousands of megatons of TNT.

a. Many of you are believers in the

awesome power of God being revealed

in tornadoes.

Even though there is a MUCH MORE awesome power in often we are not really very impressed,

because we cannot always experience this power in

physically measured terms.

A. This is the power of God.

1. Far greater than a hurricane...more impressive

than a nuclear explosion...a power which is

able to create and destroy the universe.

a. This is a power that can create from


b. This is a power that is able to change

anything and anybody.

c. It is a power which can over-ride or

suspend all of the physical laws which

we are familiar with (and possibly some

that we don’t even know of, yet).

As impressive as this can be if one would take the time to

contemplate and understand it...we need to understand

this...........Every Christian HAS ACCESS TO ALL OF


A. We have access to it, but it is not utilized because

we so often will not take advantage of anything

which cannot be understood.

1. This is so silly, when one thinks about it.

a. In physical realms, we will take

advantage of things which we don’t

understand....things which have been

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