Summary: A look at the eternal Word. How did it all begin? What does it all mean for us? How are we to respond?

John 1:1-14. The Awesome Word.

How did it all begin? I would like to put it like this from John chapter one. "The Word of eternity became the Word of humanity so that the people of humanity could become the people of eternity."

Men since the enlightenment period (age of reason) have come up with all types of theories, your familiar I’m sure with the word evolution but there are all different ideas of how this process came into being.

There are six theories pushed forward as Science yet only one is empirical through observations we can make. The first 5 are not science at all, but are really religious belief, based not on empirical facts but on presuppositions,speculations and assumptions.

1. Cosmic evolution the origin of time space matter (The Big Bang)

2. Chemical evolution The origin of higher elements from Hydrogen.

3. Stellar and planetary evolution - origin of Stars and planets

4. Organic evolution origin of life.

5. Macro evolution - origin of major kinds

6. Micro evolution -Variation within a kind.

The Founder of evolution Charles Darwin at the age of 22 fresh out of Bible college sailed on HMS Beagle in 1831 to the Galapagus island where he studied 14 different types of finches taking particular notice to their beck shapes. He concluded that all the finches had a common ancestor. (He was absoulutly right,it was a bird!)

In his book “The origin of spieces” on page 170 he wrote “It is a truly wonderful fact.. that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other..

Hold on a minute Mr Darwin, your saying from studying 14 different birds your telling us that birds and bananas are related? Here we see Darwin going way beyond his observed evidence, he left his science and went into his religion and the text books we read today are very good indeed and doing just that. mny are absoulutly fruadalent. So when speculation and set biases and assumptions come into it, we come out of the world of empirical science and into the world of make believe.

From this opening chapter in John we see some profound statements:

1.The Word is creator v3 Solid foundations

This verse quite clearly states that the Word created all things in the beginning, the universe, unreached galaxies, our own milky way, planet earth, insects like ants to the gigantic dinosaurs. We to are created by this living Word. The Psalm.139:14 could say “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

This is great news for those with faith in the living Word. Because we have been created by intelligent design it also gives us solid foundations, to the question of Identity? Who am I? Where am I going? And why am I here ?

Because life no longer becomes meaningless random chance! but purposeful. Heb.1:2 in these last days He has spoken to us by his Son whom he appointed heir of all things and through whom He made the universe.

2. The Word of eternity logos absoulute and eternal nature and ultimate being of Jesus Christ.

Jhn.1:1. In the beginning was the Word. Gen1. In the beginning God. The ’Word’ meaning is used both by Jewish theologian and the Greek Philosopher. In Hebrew Scripture the Word is the agent of creation in

(Psalm 33:6, Gen.1. And God said, ) The source of Gods message to his people (Hosea:1:2.) Gods law his standard (Psalm 119:11.)

In Greek Philosophy the Word was the principle of reason that governed the world, or the thought still in the mind, while in the Hebrew thought, The Word was another expression for God. This Word is clearly revealing Jesus to us ( Jhn 1:14.) as the Word became flesh! Micah 5:2. Written 740bc. Ancient of days (everlasting from everlasting)

3. The Word is Eternal v1. In the beginning was the Word. 1Jhn1:1.

Man has to believe there has to be a starting point

a cause and an effect and an end to all things (entropy laws) a season, a month, a year, a life, a race, a match, the earth ! In this closed world where we live this is true, but when you speak about the Word He is eternal.

Jesus said Jhn 17:5. And know father glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.

He is infinite, He exists in unlimited time,time without beginning or end. Psalm 90:2. From everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Isa 57:15. For this is what the High an Lofty one says he who lives for ever whose name is holy.

Rev.1.4. Who is, who was and is to come.

Col:1:17. He is before all things and in him all things hold together. God is eternal and we too are also eternal even though we die we shalll live in one of two places: Eccles 3v11. He has also set eternity into the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God had done from beginning to end.

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