3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: The actions of the wives are disgusting yet God still works his plan.

Genesis 29:31-30:24

September 28, 2003

Read the story about the Toronto baby derby.

Today we have our own baby derby.

1. God cares for the unloved Leah 29:31-35

key God honours Leah because of her rejected status.

Key - first three sons - looks for husbands love

fourth son praises God

2. The handmaids contest 30:1-13

Rachel gives her handmaid like Sarah gave Hagar.

Leah really doesn’t have that right. But it has become a contest.

3. The mandrakes incident 30:14-21

Superstitious - fertility plant

How crass - bartering for sex with their husband

4. Rachel finally has a child 30:22-24

The point - despite all their plans - God provides the children

At the very least, Leah was unappreciated as a gift from God. How many times do we miss the better gift God has for us while pining for something else?

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