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Summary: God’s creation is AWESOME - including the creation of life. This sermon has already saved the life of one innocent baby that was destined for abortion. Full powerpoint color slides and photos available!

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The baby with the bathwater!

There is NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus! Romans 8:1

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October 29th 2006

Pastor Roger Spackman

Te Atatu Baptist Church

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• NIV Life Application Study Bible – Selected Scriptures

Please turn n your Bibles to Romans chapter 8 verse 1 - and keep your Bible open there for the entirety of this message.

As we do, I want to show you a beautiful photograph by photographer Michael Clancy.

During a spina bifida corrective operation at twenty-one weeks, while still within his mother’s womb, young Samuel thrusts his tiny hand through the surgical opening in his mother’s uterus and grabs the surgeon’s finger!

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I need to prepare you this morning, and give you a warning.

Today’s message is about The Sanctity of Life.

‘Sanctity’ is a rather old fashioned word, but it is the only one that describes the qualities of:

 Holiness

 Purity

 Innocence

 Blessedness

 Wholeness

 Completeness

These are the words we are going to use this morning to describe the conception, life and development of the unborn child as viewed from the heart of God.

It also deals with abortion.

For that reason, this message is NOT suitable for children.

If you are under the age of 15 this morning, can I please ask you to move into the Sunday School program where you will be have a great and enjoyable time with other children.

You may ask why I have set the age limit at 15.

You see, at 15, a child has the backing of our present government and legal system to have an abortion – without the consent of her parents.

In fact, simply by attending the ‘sick bay’ at your local college, your daughter – if found to be pregnant, can be offered the surgical procedure of an abortion.

She can be taken to an abortion clinic, assisted with an abortion, delivered back to school, return to class, and the parents NOT informed on what just happened!

As parents of a teenage daughter at school today, you have no legal right to be informed of the horrific ordeal your daughter just experienced!

Such is the legal standing of our society and government today!

Part of their pre-election propaganda - was their promise to protect the whales of the South Pacific from harpooning and death,

…to protect the Seals and Kiwis of our native bush and coastline from extinction,

….and yet they promote and allow the extermination and murder of over 17,000 unborn children through abortion each and every year in a country that claims the protection of God in our national anthem!

So, my reasoning is this.

If you are old enough to either get pregnant and be offered the procedure of abortion,

…or you are old enough to get a girl pregnant, you are old enough to know the truth about these things!

You see, statistics tell us that 20 out of every 1,000 women in NZ between the ages of 15 and 44 - have had an abortion.

That’s 2 women out of every 100, or 1 out of every 50.

But do you know what!

The percentage is even higher in the church!

Granted, in some churches, and cultures, it is a very shameful thing to be found to be pregnant and unmarried, but that is NOT the only reason why abortions are more common among those who attend church.

It’s not to say that more Christian women have abortions, but that those of the general population that DO have an abortion, many of them are left with a sense of guilt and remorse that only Christ can remove,

…and for that reason they join the family of God and the church – resulting in a higher percentage of women in the church who have experienced both abortion – and forgiveness!

For every woman that has had an abortion, there is also a man in the equation!

That equates to a lot of people, even some of us here today.

Before we start, I want to encourage you to stay and listen to today’s message.

I will be showing you some very beautiful, and some very disturbing photographs that have only been available in the last ten or twenty years.

Be warned, they will inspire you, and they will upset you!

If you want to leave the service, grab a cuppa, or just have ‘time out’, then please do so now, or when I warn you of the two graphic photos we will show.

You are under no obligation to stay in this service.

However, I still encourage you to stay in the service, and the reason for this encouragement is found in the Word of God this morning.

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