Summary: The only thing that died with the last apostle, is belief in the entire word of GOD.

Being baptized with the Holy Spirit

Very controversial-

We’ve heard so many different opinion

Most of us grew up in groups

where it got a lot of bad press

Most of the stuff you’ve heard isn’t even in the bible

Traditions and opinions have trump the word of God – We’re believing lies

Believing a lie has crippled the work of the Holy Spirit

There’s a lot of ignorance, unbelief, tradition-

I want to stamp that out

My calling is to pastor and teach-

The bible separates the saved- unsaved----

sheep& goats

“Peter if you love me…” FEED THE SHEEP-

my calling is not to goats

So I want to teach on the power of the Holy Spirit

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is alive

Questionnaire to play Upward Baskeball

When I say “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” that’s a churchy term

Many Christians have never even heard that term

I will belabor some points this morning so I am clear-

SO IF I’m REDUNDANT- It’s on purpose

Luke 20:1-3

John’s authority came from God

He didn’t get it from man or tradition or His own Peanut Brain

It came from God- So if John said it- it’s from God

Let’s go back to John 1:29-33

John said Jesus would have a 2 fold ministry-

He was lamb who takes away of sin &

He’s the baptizer with the H.S

Some say Holy Ghost, Some say Holy Spirit- “Ghost” KJV

Luke 24:44-45

DID YOU SEE THAT?- Wanna understand the Bible- Let Jesus open your eyes

We need to humble ourselves church-

Thousands taken Bible courses-

They don’t understand

Read VS. 46-49

There are many promises in the Bible- This is THE PROMISE


Luke wrote Luke and Acts

John 20:19-23

Acts 1:1-5

If you let the Bible interpret the Bible-

The promise is the “the baptism with Holy Spirit”

See church “Baptism with the Holy Spirit” is not a charismatic term

It’s actually in the BIBLE

Acts 2:1-4 Here they interchange instead of Baptized the use “FILLED”

Baptism, Filled, Promise of the father- all interchangeable

Peter’s an authority of the Church- NOT ME- NOT Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar…

Let’s see what Peter had to say…

Acts 2:38-39

“The gift of the Holy Spirit” is not SALVATION it’s “THE PROMISE”

Repent and be baptized- that’s salvation

Then you will receive- the promise- power, Baptism, filling of the Holy Spirit

Who came up with the junk- that the power of Holy Spirit

“O that died, with 1st church, last apostle”

The only thing that’s died in our churches

Is belief in the word of God- and belief in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Says here, “for them, their children, and those who are far off”

Peter gets the vision>>EXPLAIN>> Go minister to people who don’t think like you

White man in black man’s house, Baptist in Pentecostals house…

Holy Spirit fell on Cornelius’ house

Peter caught all kinds of grief- These other 6 guys were there too

Acts 11:15

Christians say, “We don’t believe that in our church”-

Better get in Bible believing Church

Because faith come by hearing- If you hear a lie, you have faith in a lie

No one’s afraid of Casper the friendly ghost, so many afraid of “HOLY GHOST”

Hebrews 6:1 Elementary Doctrines- “Doctrine of Baptisms”

Heard preacher, “There is only 1 baptism, One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism

That preacher was dishonest on purpose

Every church believes in 2 – Into the Body, and Water

So he was just making stuff up

1 Corintinains 12:12

This is talking about the baptism into the body of Christ, when you’re saved

The Holy Spirit baptizes you into the body of Christ

That guy on TV believes that, Yet they baptize with water – That’s 2

Theirs is only one baptism that can save you- Baptism into the body

“By the Spirit we are baptized into one body”-

Baptizer Substance Who are qualified

Holy Spirit Body The moment you Believe

Minister Water Church

Jesus Holy Spirit Believers who want Power

Ephesians 4:1-6

There’s one baptism the makes you new, changes your life, forgives sins

Does water baptism save you? Does the baptism of the H.S? NO!

It’s the baptism- when you call upon the name of Lord

And are baptized into the body of Christ

Acts 8:9-17

If they were baptized- they had to be believers

Why does the church need to be Baptized with H.S.----POWER

There is no 1st century church, 1st century saints

There is one church- it started in Acts, it is still going

We are not a latter day church

We are not latter day Saints

We are the body of Christ, and WE NEED THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER

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