Summary: The only thing that died with the last apostle, is belief in the entire word of GOD.

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Being baptized with the Holy Spirit

Very controversial-

We’ve heard so many different opinion

Most of us grew up in groups

where it got a lot of bad press

Most of the stuff you’ve heard isn’t even in the bible

Traditions and opinions have trump the word of God – We’re believing lies

Believing a lie has crippled the work of the Holy Spirit

There’s a lot of ignorance, unbelief, tradition-

I want to stamp that out

My calling is to pastor and teach-

The bible separates the saved- unsaved----

sheep& goats

“Peter if you love me…” FEED THE SHEEP-

my calling is not to goats

So I want to teach on the power of the Holy Spirit

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is alive

Questionnaire to play Upward Baskeball

When I say “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” that’s a churchy term

Many Christians have never even heard that term

I will belabor some points this morning so I am clear-

SO IF I’m REDUNDANT- It’s on purpose

Luke 20:1-3

John’s authority came from God

He didn’t get it from man or tradition or His own Peanut Brain

It came from God- So if John said it- it’s from God

Let’s go back to John 1:29-33

John said Jesus would have a 2 fold ministry-

He was lamb who takes away of sin &

He’s the baptizer with the H.S

Some say Holy Ghost, Some say Holy Spirit- “Ghost” KJV

Luke 24:44-45

DID YOU SEE THAT?- Wanna understand the Bible- Let Jesus open your eyes

We need to humble ourselves church-

Thousands taken Bible courses-

They don’t understand

Read VS. 46-49

There are many promises in the Bible- This is THE PROMISE


Luke wrote Luke and Acts

John 20:19-23

Acts 1:1-5

If you let the Bible interpret the Bible-

The promise is the “the baptism with Holy Spirit”

See church “Baptism with the Holy Spirit” is not a charismatic term

It’s actually in the BIBLE

Acts 2:1-4 Here they interchange instead of Baptized the use “FILLED”

Baptism, Filled, Promise of the father- all interchangeable

Peter’s an authority of the Church- NOT ME- NOT Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar…

Let’s see what Peter had to say…

Acts 2:38-39

“The gift of the Holy Spirit” is not SALVATION it’s “THE PROMISE”

Repent and be baptized- that’s salvation

Then you will receive- the promise- power, Baptism, filling of the Holy Spirit

Who came up with the junk- that the power of Holy Spirit

“O that died, with 1st church, last apostle”

The only thing that’s died in our churches

Is belief in the word of God- and belief in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Says here, “for them, their children, and those who are far off”

Peter gets the vision>>EXPLAIN>> Go minister to people who don’t think like you

White man in black man’s house, Baptist in Pentecostals house…

Holy Spirit fell on Cornelius’ house

Peter caught all kinds of grief- These other 6 guys were there too

Acts 11:15

Christians say, “We don’t believe that in our church”-

Better get in Bible believing Church

Because faith come by hearing- If you hear a lie, you have faith in a lie

No one’s afraid of Casper the friendly ghost, so many afraid of “HOLY GHOST”

Hebrews 6:1 Elementary Doctrines- “Doctrine of Baptisms”

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