Summary: Racial – Economical – Social Barriers can be crossed in love

The Barrier That Soul Winning Crosses

John 4: 1-9

Vs. 4:1–2 The popularity of Christ was increasing to the extent that the Pharisees became alarmed. To avoid a confrontation, Jesus traveled north returning to Galilee.

Vs. 3 The unpopular places that you travel to gives you a sense of:

1) Uniqueness 2) Boldness 3) Audience

Vs. 4–5 Christ had a compelling compassion that drove Him to a woman in need. This was also the most direct route to Galilee. His journey took Him to Sychar, (Si-kar) a city a few miles southeast of Samaria and near Mount Gerizim. Also a place of inheritance According to (Gen 48:22) Jacob bought this parcel of ground and later gave it to his son Joseph.

Vs. 6 This was a well about one hundred feet deep. The humanity of Christ shows in the fact, that He traveled, was weary and consequently needed rest. on The time of this incident was probably six o’clock in the evening.

God in Spirit – Thirsts nor Hungers - Man in Flesh – Hungers and Thirsts

Vs. 7 Chapter 3 and chapter 4 has a contrast. In the former, Christ deals with a man; in the latter, He deals with a woman. In the former, He deals with a Jew; in the latter, a Samaritan. In the former, he deals with a moral person; in the latter, an immoral person. Yet, He saves both. In receiving this woman, Christ rises above the barriers of: Race (He was a Jew and She was a Samaritan), Religion, and Rank (He was a teacher and She was a prostitute). Soul winning can cross any barrier.

Racial – Economical – Racial barriers that brings division

Vs. 8–9 The request – The reception - The repentance for water was a logical one since the disciples had gone into the city to buy meat. However, the woman is amazed at this request because of the natural animosity between the Jews and the Samaritans. This hatred was caused when, after the fall of Israel, the Jews who remained in Palestine intermarried with the heathen and were called Samaritans. They were not full-blooded Jews.

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