Summary: For God to be first in our life, we have to allow Him to win the battle against the gods of this world.


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• How many of us woke up this morning or any thinking, do I worship God or am I going to worship Satan today?

• Hopefully we do not think that way, if you are, please come see me later. 

• I really do not think too many followers of Jesus or those who do not follow Jesus wake up with that mindset.

• Yet there is a problem that we all struggle with, a problem that was prevalent in the Bible as well.

• I counted over 150 verses that use the word and there were laws and commands in the Old Testament forbidding the practice.

• Today we skip over the passages dealing with this subject rather nonchalantly thinking the verses are antiquated or irrelevant for today.

• That kind of thinking cannot be further from the truth, it is the war that is being waged for our hearts, a war that is being waged for our worship.

• The Bible calls it idolatry.

• These are the gods at war within each of us; they fight the battle for our worship, adoration and are very heart.

• The god that wins gains control and power over us.

• Ultimately the god you chose will determine your eternal destiny.

• On the surface idolatry does not seem to be something we struggle with, but when we dare to dig deeper, we will see we ALL struggle with it.

• As a matter of fact as we peer deeper into the rabbit hole we will see that idolatry is not just a struggle, but it IS the struggle.

• God is competing with the gods of this world for our heart, attention and affection.

• Idolatry in essence is choosing what god you will serve and worship.

• We all have gods competing for first place in our lives. Maybe you struggle with worry and anxiety all the time, maybe you made security and comfort your god?

• Maybe you continually lose the battle with lust; maybe sex is your god? Legalism is your struggle? Maybe religious rules have become your god.

• Discontent with your blessings, always wanting more, maybe materialism has you in its grips?

• You see underneath every sin there is a false god sitting on the throne of your heart and until there is a coup to over throw the false god or idol, you will never experience the freedom and joy God wants you to experience!

• So what gods are at war in your life? Over the four weeks Jerry and I will be looking at some of the BIG gods we fall prey to.

• Today we are going to look at the overall subject of the God’s at War. We will be in Joshua 24.

• Well Joshua is about 110 years old; he is giving one of the final speeches to the people.

• He has gathered the people around him to try to inspire them to one more challenge before he dies.

• God had been good to them. He delivered them from slavery and wandering.

• Joshua makes it clear that every person is a worshipper and if one is not worshipping the Lord God, they are by default worshipping some kind of substitute god.

• Failing to make the right choice could enslave God’s people in an even worse way than what Pharaoh did to them in Egypt. They could end up being enslaved to the gods or idols of this world.

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• Let us read our text this morning beginning with verse 14.

Joshua 24:14 (HCSB) 14 “Therefore, fear the LORD and worship Him in sincerity and truth. Get rid of the gods your fathers worshiped beyond the Euphrates River and in Egypt, and worship Yahweh.

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I. You are confronted with a command to consider.

• This verse starts with the connecting word THEREFORE.

• “Therefore, fear the LORD and worship Him in sincerity and truth. Get rid of the gods your fathers worshiped beyond the Euphrates River and in Egypt, and worship Yahweh.

• Joshua reminds the people of how He lead them out of Egypt, how He lead them through the wilderness culminating into where they are now has been defeating the armies of those who were inhabiting the Promised Land.

• In verse 13 look at what Joshua reminds the people of.

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Joshua 24:13 (HCSB) I gave you a land you did not labor for, and cities you did not build, though you live in them; you are eating from vineyards and olive groves you did not plant.’

• The final part of Joshua's speech moves from a summary of past events to a call for a present response.

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