Summary: It is God’s will for the beast to kill every christian

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Revelation 6:9 -17

Saint’s, we all must be killed. The beast must kill us, and there is nothing that you and I can do about it but hold on to the testimony of Jesus Christ. It’s God’s will that his people be the victim’s of running water, in other words, we must be killed by the beast. Jesus has given power to the beast, when you see a real beast, just think about it this way that God has given them special power, and they will wipe us out one day soon, and very soon.

The fourth part of the earth belongs to the beast. It is true that we are in a state of rest, and they will delete us from the earth like the dinosaurs were by God. I’m not trying to scare you, but I just want you to know. We are not here to dominate; we are not here to rule; we are supposed to be under the altar, and holding on to the testimony of Jesus Christ. Jesus has given the beast power to take peace from the earth.

The beast knows just how to do it; he is going to do it. We are just witness of what Jesus is doing; he has given the beast power. Although we have power in Christ Jesus, it is only the power to hold on to the testimony. Jesus didn’t give us the power to survive, because we are as sheep, led to the slaughter. The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof. God wants to kill us by the hand of the beast, and he will. You just wait and see.

No matter how well we treat the beast, he is not our friend, because God has already programmed them to take peace from the earth. We cannot change them; God has already put it into their heart, and given them the power to dominate the fourth part of the earth. It appears that we are in control, but we are not. We are in a state of rest. Martyrs get ready to do what the lord wants you to do. We have to prove our loyalty to God by holding on to the testimony of Jesus Christ.

If we’re not holding on to the testimony of Jesus with the little things, what makes us think that we are going to do it, when these days are full blown? The day, when the beast shall kill us from off the face of the earth is right around the corner, and it is true that there will be no Christians left. This is when God shows up with his wrath. I tell you this will be a terrible day for those who are left behind. Those who saved their life; they will wish that they were dead.

If we want God’s approval, I know this sounds a bit hard, but we are going to have to make the beast kill us by being all of what Jesus told us to be for him. There is only one way to prepare for these days, and that is to be real in your relationship with the lord. Saint’s, the beast is programmed by our God to kill us. It is God’s will for us to be murdered and be slaughtered by the beast. Whatever happens to Israel and the people of God is the lords will.

Our God will open the seals, and let these things come upon the earth, when it is time, and I believe the time is nearer than what we expect. Be courage’s for the lord, and quit trying to act like you’re stuff like the beast, because we are not. The beast has the power to be tough, and we are no match for him at all, because we don’t have the kind of power that the beast has, because God gives him this kind of power. The beast has death and hell on his side.

Saint’s, it’s going to happen one day; we are going to be wiped out, so we have to get as strong as we can in Jesus, because these days are right around the corner

Please, start today by preparing to die holding on to the testimony of Jesus. The more you do for Jesus, the easier it is to let the beast try to kill you, because he’s going to do it anyway.

Today is the day to prepare for these times

God is going to let the beast kill us

We must practice holding on to the testimony of Jesus Christ, so when these days come; we

will be ready. These days are already here

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If you want the beast to kill you, instead of being his friend; you have to get as close to Jesus as you can, so when death and hell comes around. You can be bold in the testimony of Jesus Christ, the way he wants us to be, dead to the world.

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