Summary: Most people look at prophecy as , For someone else, This year that idea will change forever. Calling the lost to come to Jesus.

The Begining of the End Most people look at prophecy as ,for someone else, but this year that idea will change forever. Isiah 10;5 O Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, and the staff in their hand is mine indignation. Isiah 59:1, 10:5 thru 11:16, 66:1- 24. The Bible states that the antichrist shall conferm a peace treaty with Isreal for the length of seven years and at the mid point or 3 and a hafe years he shall break it. The Bible also states that God Himself, at the battle of Armogeddon ,shall kill the Assyrian. The point of this message is to call the lost into repentance, before its too late, Im not setting dates or times, just presenting the facts , so that others can make up their mind as to weather resist the call of God or take a look at the condition of their souls again. The Bible tell us in Revelations about Babylon and her destruction, lets take a look at Babylon again. The scriptures note that Babylon is a city of great wealth and prominance and is the center of money and goods. That the world had become wealthy by her and that she was the center of their attention. The Assyrian capitol of Babylon was was destroyed but the scripture tells us that she shall be destroyed twice.Jesus said, and this is very important to remember in prophecy, " That which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit" Now if we look at every city in the world that would match the Bibles description of Babylon there comes, two, into mind, 1. New York City, New York and, 2. Babylon, Iraq. New York is the center of modern day commerse and center of world trade and the world banking system. Could this be the reason teriost are trying to destroy her or is there something else. Babylon ,Iraq has been destroyed, but Sadam Husain was trying to rebuild it, this is fact, he even placed his own name on the bricks of the construction site of the temple of Murdak. Speculation, you might say, but lets not deside yet, lets look at Bible fact. If we look closely at the Assyrian in scripture, God warns him and Isreal about him. Who then is the Assyrian? The Assyrian in scripture was and still is a nation of people that controlled the Babylonian Empire and took Isreal into captivity. The problem here lies, that the assyrians no longer have a nation but are scattered throuout the world. Then how can be define who the assyrian is?. We take the scripture as is and start to be Bible dectives. We know that the Bible tells us that the assyrians are the people of, Chaldeans, Nineveh, Hittites, Luites, Uruk and the people of Ur. Today they would be the people of western Egypt, Syria, Iran ,Iraq, ect. Why is this important to us today, look at the news headlines ,here is one artical that might bring all of this home to you, Jerusalem- Isreal had secret contacts with Syria several months ago... The secret meetings appeared part of an effort to restart peace talks between Isreal and one of its most intractable enemies. From the Associated Press, Janurary,2004. The actual location of the Babylon in scripture isnt that important but a piece treaty with the assyrian or Antichrist is extremly important. How can we ignore scripture and the news when they both agree. A piece treaty will come and the antichrist will arrise as the savior of the middle east and he will break the treaty and try to destroy the Isrealies. The mark of the beast, travel in and out of the United States has taken a dangerious turn ,in security, a color code for passangers will soon be in effect, most of your money is now direct deposited, you never see it, earth quakes in divers places, the oceans are dieing, the two poles are melting, things are changeing. How much more does hafe to allow to happen before those that are lost call upon His name? The world is starting to burn, our forest are going up in flames, huricanes, volcanioes, massive mud slides, and still the lost will not come to Jesus. Fire and smoke, mingled with Blood, all these tribulations and they still will not repent. The Assyrian is comming, mankind is raceing toward Armogeddon, their feet run swiftly toward mischef, murder on their minds and blood on their hands. Children haveing children, homosexuals abound, raceisum, antisemitism, greed, lust, fornication, lies adultry, as the Bible states, as was in the days of Noah, so shall it be..... Lets look at Isaiah 35: 1-10, ..." and the desert shall rejoyce, and blossum as a rose, Isreal has blossumed, where there was only desert ,there rises crops to feed the nation and crops that are exported a bountiful harvest for the children of God." 3." Strengthen ye the weak hands and comfirm the feeble knees......behold your God will come with vengeance , even God with a recompence, He will come and save you. " Jesus knew and told us that a fire had allready been kindled and He never came to stop it, but to call the lost to repentance. The stage is set and the players are ready to preform their last act. The nations around Syria are becomming weaker as she becomes stronger, the antichrist will arise as a man of piece and he shall take three nations by force and the rest will abdocate to him. Ten Crowns and Ten Kingdoms.Our enemies are now our frends and we start pulling away from Isreal. The Bible states that all nations shall compass about Isreal, ready to destroy her. Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Revelations are all being fulfilled, there is a storm comming, and we are powerless to stop it. Only Jesus can quiet the storm, only Jesus can save you throu the day of the Lord. Only Jesus can save you and pull you out of the fire. How much more do you hafe to see, how much more do you hafe to endure alone, sickness, depression, a lonelyness and an empty space in your heart that you cant fill with drugs or alcohol. Will it take fire, falling down from Heavan to turn you around, will it take the ground opening up before you to open your eyes, as to what is happening? Verse 5, " Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped." What will it take? Jesus loves you, God loves you, cant you love them in return, All they want is to trade your sins for a life that will never end, joy unspeakable and full of glory. Think about what Ive said, think about your future, think about the posabilities, if Jesus would come this moment would you wake up in Heavan or would you hafe to face the assyrian, the king of unrightiouness? The begining of the end started when Eve took the first bite. Where will you be, more importantly who will you be, when Jesus returns, a christian, blood bought and washed, or lost without hope? Remember we are in , The Beginning of The End. ars.

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