Theme: Psalm 4 is an excellent example of the difference the Lord makes in our lives.

I. He gives us solid reason to Pray (1)

A. He is a God who answers us when we call.

B. He has declared us righteous.

C. He relieves our distress.

D. He is merciful to us.

E. He does hear.

II. He Turns us away from hurtful and useless things (2-5)

A. What he turns us away from:

1. Dishonouring God (2).

2. Lies (idols) (2).

B. How he turns us:

1. By setting us apart (3)

2. By hearing our prayers (3)

3. By warning us about sin (4)

4. By slowing us down and encouraging us to reflect (4).

5. By exhorting us to offer right sacrifices (5)

6. By trusting in Him (5).

III. He Produces Wonderful Blessings in our Lives (6-8).

A. He shines his Goodness upon us (6).

B. He fills our hearts with the greatest of Joy (7)

C. He gives us perfect peace (8)

D. He causes us to live in safety (8)

Conclusion: Does the Lord make such a difference in your life?

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