Summary: Prior to us launching attacks in Iraq/Afghanistan we didn’t drop the first bomb, put the first boot on the ground until everything was in place. We knew where the enemy was hiding, patterns, munitions were, strengths, weaknesses. Spiritual warfare uses


A Prior to us launching attacks in Iraq/Afghanistan we didn’t drop the first bomb, put the first boot on the ground until everything was in place.

1 We knew where the enemy was hiding, patterns, munitions were, strengths, weaknesses.

a Spiritual warfare uses the same time-tested strategy.

b We must know our enemy, strengths . . . & get into battle position.

c Where is that position? Eph. 6.10: “Be strong in the Lord”

2 Salvation is Christ in you; Your exalted position in Christ.

B Tonight, I want to teach you the believer’s position for victory.

I Understanding the Believer’s Exalted position.

A Paul’s favorite description of Christian is “in Christ.”

1 Ephesians uses this expression time and time again.

a Christians are to be “faithful in Jesus Christ.” Eph. 1.1

aa Every Spiritual blessing is our “in Jesus Christ.” Eph. 1.3

bb Our place in God’s family is secured because “He has made us accepted in the Beloved.” Eph. 1.6

b You read through Eph. 1, you will discover all that you will ever need in this life & the life to come is connected to your understanding to what it means to be in Christ.

aa We focus “on” Christ, yet in Ephesians the believer is viewed as in Christ.

bb Eph. 2.6

c The Heavenly places are where Christ is presently enthroned (Eph. 1.20-22).

2 Everything under His feet is now under our feet, too!

a We are heaven’s ambassadors and have the right to use the authority of the throne of Jesus Christ.

b Our battle with Satan & demons takes place in the heavenly places (Eph. 6.12).

B You and I have no authority over dark forces, yet these forces are aware of the authority that we have in Christ!

1 When an ambassador lives abroad (embassy), he/she still has their citizenship; and when he/she speaks, he/she speaks with the authority of Washington D.C. and all the might of the United States.

a 2 Cor. 5.20, We are citizens of heaven!

b Earth is not our home, but while we are here we speak with all the authority of heaven.

2 IL. Woman who only turned on her electric lights to light her candles.

II Understand the Believers’s Eternal Purpose

A Why are we here? God’s eternal purpose is to be in the likeness of Christ.

1 Our purpose isn’t to fight for a victory, defeat the devil/demons/dark forces.

a Jesus has already won the battle at calvary, we fight from His victory!

b We are the enforcers of His victory! (Eph 6.10)

aa “be strong in” is a present passive imperative (Continuous command)

bb What that means is that the subject is strengthened by an outside power.

cc Better translated, “Go on being strengthened”

2 It’s not our job to flex our spiritual muscles, but to rather receive and appropriating God’s strength.

B God allows Satan to war against the Believer (The devil can’t say “boo” w/o God’s permission)

1 I do not understand why (mystery), but here are some possible reasons.

a Warfare with Satan sharpens the believer’s skill in using Scripture.

b Rom. 8.18, They are getting us ready to rule in the next world.

c Learn the tragedy of the human condition because of the fall.

aa (Satan hates the human race & wants to keep them in bondage, enslavement, control)

bb His hatred is fully exposed in Spiritual Warfare (Doesn’t fight fair: Fights dirty)

d We learn how helpless we were with Christ. (How do people make it without Jesus)

e Spiritual warfare keeps us from getting too comfortable in this world!

(Battles remind us that we’re not home yet: we’re in hostile territory/behind enemy lines.)

f We are not above our Master! (We’re are not any better than our Lord)

aa Jesus was a soldier, battled, bled on the field of battle.

bb He battled and won the victory.

2 We enforce the victory Jesus has won!

a Jesus was familiar with facing Satan.

b Wilderness temptation, Garden of Gethsemane, Cross . . . fought every step of the way.

c God desires every believer to know how to battle following His example (Heb. 4.14-16)

III Understand the Believer’s Power

A Eph. 6.10, Once a Christian understands their position they can then begin to exercise the power they possess.

1 “The power of His might” (also found in Eph. 1.19-20)

a The same power that overcame the grave, exalted Him above all to the highest position in heaven and on the earth.

b It is this power that compelled Paul to write Phil. 4.13

2 When you were saved you were initiated into His victory.

a Not initiated into a playground, social club, museum . . . you have been called to enter into a fierce and terrible war, BUT WE ARE IN THE WINNING POSITION.

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