Summary: The benefits that are there for us to enjoy as a Christian and Children of the kingdom so we will must suffer like unbelivers


Heb. 6: 9 But, Beloved we are persuaded of better things of you and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak.

Salvation does not end at redemption. We are saved to be glorified. Salvation did not stop at forgiveness of sin. The Bible says in Matt. 6: 33 ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

After you surrendered your life to Jesus, He gave you your redemption package. In this package are everything that will make life enjoyable to you. These things make christianity delightful and beautiful. If you see a Christian that looks mournful and sickly then know that he has not been claiming his redemption benefits.

Ps. 49: 20 says a man that is in honour and does not know is like a beast that perishes. When a Christian is not enjoying all these things life will be dull, placid and ordinary. Things that are happening to unbelievers will be happening in there life. The devil will be cheating on them.

There are many reasons why some are not enjoying this package. One of them is Ignorance. Some don’t even know that these things belong to them. These Benefits of Redemption are writing all over the pages of the Bible, you must search them out to know them. Until you discover them, you can not recover them.

Another reason why some are not enjoying the benefits is that the devil has made them to be content with their present state. Sometimes you hear them saying ‘thank God I am saved at least I am going to heaven’.

You may decide to get to heaven like Lazarus, sick, afflicted and poor or you can decide to get to heaven like Abraham, rich and healthy. (III John 3). Don’t be content with your present state if it s not a pleasant one. You must revolt against lack and want. You must claim your redemption right. They are your covenant right.

Now let us examine some of these Benefits of Redemption, things that accompany salvation

1. DELIVERANCE: This is been set free. Beloved, when you become a Christian one of the benefits of Redemption is freedom from power of darkness. This deliverance includes

i. Deliverance from Curses and evil covenants: Gal. 3: 13, Rom. 8: 1

ii. Deliverance from the spirit of fear: Fear is a torment. It kills a man before his time. Some live in perpetual fear. They cannot sleep in the night. It is not suppose to be so. You are to have dominion over the spirit of fear. I Tim. 1: 17

iii. Deliverance from demonic oppressions: Col. 2: 12 – 14, Isa. 49: 24 – 26.

iv. Deliverance from the wrath of God: Rom 5: 9, Eph. 5: 6

2. VICTORY: This means triumphing, dominating, winning, succeeding and conquering. In the Victory package is victory over;

i. Sin: Rom. 6: 14, I John 3: 9

ii. Enemies: Isa. 59: 19, 31: 5

iii. Devil:

iv. Sickness and Diseases: Gen. 15: 26, Isa. 53: 4-5, 33: 24

v. Death (both physical and spiritual) Isa. 28: 18, I Cor. 15: 57

The Egyptians were pursing you before you gave your live to Christ are all defeated and you can now claim you victory over them. And you will see them no more

3. PROSPERITY: Christianity is not synonymous to poverty. It is not identical to lack and wants. When you become a Christian you are to triumph over needs, lack and wants. I pray that God will destroy every satanic concept that makes poverty holy in your life. You need more that enough. The provision has been made. Deut. 28: 1-13, Job 36: 11, Ps. 118: 25, II Cor. 8: 9

Some Christian are suffering not because they are not saved or living holy but because they have broken the covenant of prosperity.

These are your redemption right, your divine package, claim them. Don’t let the bread of the children be given to the dogs. Get saved if you are not and start claiming your benefit as a child of God. They are all your for free. Christ paid the price.

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