Summary: God does not want you to have to wait to get there in order to feel and experience what heaven is like.

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

March 31st. 2014

Ephesians 1:3–14

The Benefits of the Cross

Goal/message series/Hope/Cross/Today

• Learn/surpassing greatness, power/authority/cross

• So we can respond in praising God/defeating Satan

• Giving us access/Christ’s rule/authority as heirs/eternal inheritance.


Certain advantages/come/being/platinum flyer.

• When/accrue/large number of miles/airline company

• They/send/book/benefits/significant opportunities for you to take advantage of.

• Upgrade options/priority access options/other benefits.

But in order/use them you must know the privileges of what your platinum level relationship with the airlines company affords.

• Failure/understand your “inheritance” of benefits

• Results/not enjoying/significant opportunities available for you to enjoy.

Many Christians also fail to know all the rights and privileges that the cross has afforded them.

They fail to utilize/benefits/God has ordained for His saints.


Let’s look/INHERITANCE Eph. 1:14 “our salvation”.

• Greek/word “pledge” mean a “down payment.”

• God/set aside “down payment” heaven/you/receive/earth

• A deposit guaranteeing our inheritance.

• As a believer, you/on your way to heaven.

However, God does not want you to have to wait to get there in order to feel and experience what heaven is like.

There/piece/heaven/has been allocated to you right now.


• Unfortunate/Christians come/church/every Sunday/Wednesday

• Still functioning w/o knowing all/rights/privileges/cross has afforded them.

• Fail/maximize/utilize/benefits/God has ordained and bequeathed for His saints.

Knowing about/cross w/o knowing the authority/benefits of the cross will keep you from experiencing all God has in store for you.

What/cross provides to you/me/opportunity to see what God can do beyond the normal, everyday routine of life.

• Cross/key/God invading/difficult or mundane circumstances of life

• just like He invaded the tomb/Jesus after He died/cross

• Flipping things around in order/reveal His power/authority.


A lot of Christians sing about God’s power

• Talk about God’s power

• Can never testify to experiencing God’s power since they have never accessed God’s power

• They have never seen Him turn

• Twist/tweak things beyond their human comprehension.


Ever watched an action-adventure film

• Hero/story is trying to locate a special artifact or treasure?

All along the way, he/she faces opposition after opposition coming from the enemy who is trying to divert him or her from reaching their goal and benefiting from their prize.

• Films remind me/what Satan attempts to do/lives/believers.

• you and I have a precious treasure

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