Summary: We come to Jesus to be fixed and when his method of fixing us does not meet ours we revert to our personal adgenda in betrayal of Jesus just as Judas did.

The Betrayal of Jesus John 13:21-32 & Matthew 22:14-16


video from sermon video’s called who is Jesus. if we were to have stopped Judas on the way to betray Jesus and asked him the question who was Jesus how would he have answered?


Judas was attracked to the power of this man. He could heal and he could speak with authority and he could command the demonds. Remember that Jesus was living in a land that was occupied by the Romans. They had power of life and death. They determined what taxes were to be levied and where the roads were going to go. They set up the schools and they determined the content of those schools. In 1000’s of years the middle east has been a place where people do not like to be told by outsiders what they can and can’t do. It has been a place where they have been every resistent to foreign intervention. As far back as Isaiah and Jeremiah they did not like to be dominated.

Today many people are attracted to the power of Jesus. In fact the vineyard movement was founded on the idea that the most successful form of evanegelism is a power incounter with God. God heals and people will be attacked to the power. The Airport Vineyard has attacked large crowds with being slain in the spirit, with healings and with people who testify to the fact that their filings have been turned to gold. Power is addictive. Power corrupts and we know that power can be misused. Judas had an agenda for the power of God. he wanted jesus to get ride of the Romans.

Collin Thacher killed his wife. She had the nerve to leave him and he was a man who’s father was the primure of Sask. Collin was addicted to power. So he had her killed. Then he got Jesus because he thought that jesus would get him out of prison after all didn’t Jesus open the prisons for Paul. Why not him after all he was a very important and powerful man. Helmut Bauxbaum attempted to have his wife killed. He was the owner of many nursing homes and he was a leader in this church and he loved to be noticed. His wife was old and not very beautiful and she threaten to expose him as a cheat. No one could do that to Helmut. Helmut loved to have Youth into this home to show it off. His indoor pool was about the size of this church. His family room with a huge fire place was about half the size of this building. He liked power. I believe that most power people like Jesus because he offers then power and power leads to money. We today have the teachers who tell us that if we give 5 dollars to the Lord he will give us 500 in return. Never worked for me but lots of people are attarted to that kind of thing. Judas was not the only one some of you may be attacted to his power and if you are then you are in grave danger.


To a man like Judas Jesus was full of possibilities. He got huge crowds listening to him. Crowds that could be turned into a mob or into an army. He got the men out of the house and to listening. They let their wives go to the Temple but they could not be bothered. Jesus got the men out and men make great fighters at that time. He never asked for money but they never lack for anything either. With just a little bit of work they could have millions flowing in all through the hands of Judas. There was the possiblity that the power and popularity of Jesus would trickle down to Judas. He would sought out as a way to get to Jesus. I wonder how many would pay for the privilege to have special access to Jesus. Judas loved the possiblities of Jesus.

So do a lot of people today. We see the possiblity of saying trust me I have special access to Jesus. Oral Robinson has been working that line for years now. Put your hands on the TV and pray with me. Let me put my hands on you and you will recieve the Holy spirit. Send me 10 and I will send you a holy cloth. Send me 100 and I will send you the secrets of the kingdom. Send me a 1000 and I will send you the bible study that will give you the same power that I have with Jesus. Millions of people want to get in on the possibilities of Jesus. Nothing has changed at all.

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