Summary: In Jer. 31:31, a new covenant was prophecied. In Christ, it is fulfilled. This is a communion service.

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The Better Covenant

Heb. 7:22

Dec. 1 2002 am

I. Jer. 31:31-32 The promise of a better covenant

a. vs. 31 The time is coming…

1. A thing of the future

2. God will make a new covenant

3. With both Israel and Judah.

b. vs. 32 It will not be like the Old Covenant

1. It will be different

a. The “new” is not like the old.

2. As we said last week, the old was found weak & useless (Heb. 7:11, 18)

a. vs. 11 The old could not bring about perfection

b. vs. 18 The old was found weak & useless

II. Heb. 7:22 A better covenant (Hand out communion elements during this point)

a. Jesus is the guarantee of this covenant

1. Older versions say “surety”, which means the one obligated to pay the debt.

b. The guarantee

1. I Cor. 11:24 His body broken for us

2. I cor. 11:25 His blood

a. The New Covenant in Jesus’ blood

(Take communion here)

III. 2 Cor. 3:6-11 The glory of this New Covenant

a. vs. 6-7 Old Covenant brought death

1. New Covenant brought life

b. vs. 7 Old Covenant came w/ glory

1. So that Moses’ face glowed w/ the glory of God!

c. vs. 8 The New is much more glorious.

d. vs. 9-11 Comparison between the Old & the New

1. The surpassing glory of the New over the Old

2. Old came w/ fading glory

3. New w/ glory that remains

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