Summary: In today’s churches we are suffering from bi-polar disorder. This sermon shows the symptoms and the cure.

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Text: James 1:8

In the medical profession there is a disorder known as Bi-Polar Disorder.

In this disorder the person experiences mood swings from extreme highs (Manic) to extreme lows (Depressive).

They cannot tell when one of these swings will take place.

While there is no known cause, a chemical imbalance in the brain is blamed for this disorder.

A prescription of mood altering drugs is given to offset the disorder.

Fascinating stuff huh? But what does this have to do with church?

In recent times I have noticed a case similar to this disorder in the Church.

There is a trend towards this Bi-Polar type of disorder.

The text calls it being double-minded.

In this state of double-mindedness we see two distinct opposite responses to a situation.

Before you think I am a candidate for mental evaluation, let’s look to the Word and at ourselves and see what exactly is The Bi-Polar Church.

I. The backslider.

A. Here is the example of double-mindedness.

1. They love God and testify to it. Manic

2. But the world has their attention.

B. They want to serve two masters. Depressive

1. Their god is their belly.

2. They want to satisfy the flesh.

C. But Jesus said that this can’t be done.

1. You will end up hating one and loving the other.

2. But what happens also is you end up miserable yourself.

II. The subject of faith.

A. All things are possible if you believe. (Mk. 9:23) Manic

1. The things I do you will do also, and greater.. ( John 14:12)

2. Those that believe …. ( Mk. 16:16-18)

Cast out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents,

Poison won’t hurt them, lay hands on the sick and they will


B. We say we believe, but then we doubt. (Jas. 1:6-7) Depressive

C. Whatever is not of faith, is sin. (Rom. 14:23)

1. A lack of faith causes sin.

2. We say I don’t believe you God when we show no faith.

III. The subject of the Word of God.

A. Yes we believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Manic

1. All scripture is inspired by God. (II Tim 3:16)

2. Not by the will of man… (II pet. 1:21)

B. But times are different now. Depressive

1. Disputes over accuracy of the scripture.

2. The virgin birth. The resurrection. The Red Sea incident.

3. That part I believe, but this part I don’t know.

C. It is either all true or all lie.

IV. The subject of Church growth.

A. The Lord added to the Church daily such as should

Be saved. (Acts 2:47) Manic

1. Men from 17 nations. (Acts 2:9-11)

2. Red, Yellow, Black, and White.

3. All welcomed in with arms wide open.

B. In the churches today if someone comes in that is different


1. They are ignored or worse offend by rude treatment.

2. Many fear the change that the new brings and

3. Their sense of security (power) is threatened.

C. It is God’s Church!

Conclusion: As was brought out in the introduction Bi-Polar Disorder is

thought to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, but there

is no certainty of that.

Bi-Polar Disorder is treated with drug therapy.

But the cause of the Bi-Polar Disorder in the Church is known and not only is it treatable, it is curable.

The cause is not a chemical imbalance, but instead is a Spiritual Imbalance.

Our spirit is out of balance with God‘s Holy Spirit.

Drugs can’t fix it. Only prayer and fasting and meditation on the word and study in the Word will cure it.

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