Summary: - People are asking questions - Is the world coming to an end in 2012? - The Bible answers this question

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- Roland Emmerich’s "2012"

- Independence Da y (96), Day After Tomorrow (04)

- $200 million Movie

- Called the “mother of all disaster movies”

- Tag line “Mankind’s Earliest Civilizations Warned Us”

- What are the odds?”, “I thought we would have more time”

- US News & World report

- 60% believe the world will end

- 20 % believe that Christ coming will be soon


- Mayan calendar stops at the end of the year 2012

- Tracking the winter solstice (planting?)

- Creating at lest 17 calenders

- Calculate the future movements of stars across the sky

- Sun was a god - offered human sacrifices

- The Milky Way, called the “Sacred Tree,” was a gateway to the afterlife

- Mayan calender runs out Dec. 21 2012

(The Long Count Calender) 5 great cycles of 5,125

- Four have ended and the last one ends 12/21/2012

- People are asking questions

- Is the world coming to an end in 2012

History Channel

- History Channel gives all kids of stuff (Nostradamus Effect)

- Mother Shipton, 1488 - 1561 was an English soothsayer and prophet prophesies 2012

- Nostradamus 1503 – 1566 used a method called scrying (looking into a pool of water to foretell the future- DVD On his predictions

The Predictions Concern

The Mysterious Planet X will shift into earth’s rotational path and collide with our planet! All life that isn’t immediately destroyed will be flung from the surface and into space!

Gravity Explosion will drag the planet earth to the center of the galaxy where it will be swallowed up by all the other planets and possibly even a massive black hole!

A Meteor Will Hit the Earth, causing concurrent massive tsunamis . The impact will make the bombing of Hiroshima look like a ripple from a pebble tossed into a lake.

The Galactic Alignment

- 12/21/2012 - The Earth, Sun and the Galactic core come into aliment

- Only occurs once in 26,000 yr

- It will block it’s energy

- 2012 very active sunspot activity & solar flares

- Last time like this was late 50’s when there were few satellites

Pole Shift

- Up to 90-degrees leaving the present north and south poles at the equator. Atmospheric inertia will spawn hurricane force winds around the planet. The air will become rarefied and in many places unbreathable. The sudden adjusting of tectonic plates will cause massive upheavals with earthquake magnitudes as high as 15 on the Richter scale

- Super volcanoes, earthquakes & tidle wave

- Bold claims... absolutely.

- 2012 movie makes use of these ideas

- Balloon boy hoax based on fears of 2012

- Heene believes the world is going to end in 2012. Because of that, he wanted to get rich quick from a publicity stunt so he could afford to build an underground shelter, where he and his family could be safe from an exploding sun.


- 194,000,000 Sites for 2012

— The Shocking End of the World Scenario & What You Can Do.

— 2012:The End of the World” “For some yes, but those prepared with food storage can survive”

— What Will Happen in 2012? “See why the shocking truth of your numerology chat cannot tel a lie”

— Are You Prepared for 2012 “Survival Kits, Food, Masks & more”

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