Summary: Today's Message looks at the Bible as being unique and one of a kind, and how it is both trustworthy and reliable, and then the blessing that come when we trust it with our lives.

The Bible: God’s Word for Our Day


As most of you know, I’ve been working my way through the various doctrines of the Bible that have been the backbone of God’s remnant church, that is, the church that has continued to go back to the basics of God’s word as its foundation.

And, while we’ve looked at least ten so far, and there are several more to explore, in fact, I was going to talk about the Gospel message of Jesus Christ today, and why we are told to not only believe it for our salvation, but also of our need share this with the world. And as I was putting this together, I realized that these doctrines, as well as all my teachings, come directly from the pages of the Bible.

But here’s the kicker, if whatever I say that comes from the Bible cannot be trusted, then I am doing a disservice to everyone. So, how do I know, or for that matter, how will we know that what I am saying from the Bible is true?

It is to this question that would like to take our time today to explore, because this is the basics for what Christianity is all about. In fact, this is the first Sola taught my Martin Luther in the beginning of the Protestant reformation. He called it, Sola Scriptura, Scripture alone, that is, the Bible alone is our highest authority.

So, with this in mind, I’d like to look with you at the reliability of the Bible, and why we can trust it for our lives, that is, why we can trust the Bible to have a word for each of us no matter what we’re facing in life, and then the blessings that come in trusting it.

But before I begin, several years ago I came across a list of things that children said they learned from the Bible.

• Noah’s wife was called Joan of Arc

• Lot’s wife was a pillar of salt by day, and a ball of fire by night

• When Mary heard she would be the mother of Jesus when went out and sang the Magna Carta.

• A Republican is a sinner mentioned in the Bible (Democrats don’t get to respond)

• The first commandment was when Eve told Adam to eat the apple

We could say that there are some adults who may say much the same, and that is because of how little the Bible is read. In fact, some have even gone so far to say that the worst dust storm in history would happen if all those who owned a Bible dusted them off at the same time. And while this is somewhat humorous, it’s also incriminating.

You see, what I believe has happened is that in the church’s attempt to be relevant and not wanting to offend, it has left behind solid biblical teachings, teachings that has stood the test of time, and teachings that has been attributed the great moves of God throughout history.

Today, people are looking for something that works; something that can help them survive through these unprecedented times. And what has happened is that instead of turning to the Bible, they have turn to all these different philosophies promoted by the world, and unfortunately have even been propagated by the church, promising solutions to the complexities we face.

Now, most of these philosophies are more about the current fads of the day, much like diets, and therefore they lack staying power thus proving themselves to be unreliable. In a word, they simply don’t work.

How else can we explain the ever-growing number of divorces, suicides, abuse, addictions, and depression, that is happening within our society and within the church?

What the church needs to do is to get back to the Bible, God’s word of instruction that will make a real difference and provide living water to refresh, revitalize, rejuvenate, and restore life.

The only problem is that many people within the church no longer believe in the Bible as God’s inerrant, that is, without error, and unchanging word for life.

You have people calling themselves Christians, but they deny the Bible as being wholly inspired by God, and instead they say it is filled with fictional stories and errors. And so, a discrepancy exists between what they say they believe and what they actually do believe.

Let me break down what I mean. The term Christian means someone who believes and follows Jesus Christ. But if a person cannot accept the teachings of Jesus Christ found within the Bible, then how can they say they believe in Jesus, no less follow Him? Further, what we need to understand is that Jesus never countered anything the Bible said, but rather lived His life in accordance with it.

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