Summary: Dan Brown brings into question the Holiness of Scripture. There is no question the Bible is Holy and inspired by God.

The Bible is Holy Truth inspired by God: The DaVinci Code

2 Timothy 3:16

Henry Edward Cardinal Manning who lived from 1808-1892 began his ministry in the Anglican Church, but after his conversion to Rome, he became Archbishop of Westminster, and a popular writer. During a period of great depression and a darkening of his faith, he went into a well-known bookstore for a copy of one of his own books, entitled Faith in God. As he waited for the book to be sent up from the storeroom, he heard a man¡¯s voice call up saying, ¡°Manning¡¯s Faith in God is all gone.¡± That was all the lesson he needed to hear. I think that is where we find our culture today. People¡¯s faith in God is all gone.

In our pop culture today we think we have figured out just about everything. We are surrounded by the beacons of the world that try to point us to some self-fulfilling better than everyone else indulgence in modernistic materialism that seeks to satisfy our every desire. But, isn¡¯t that what we want? Something to give us a sense of well being, something to fulfill us completely. Right. Yeah, that¡¯s what our human minds want. So then at some point in our lives most of us embark on a journey to find ourselves. When we have found our selves we gain a sense of being. You can find your sense of being in Christianity or you can find your sense of being in the other things found on our planet. As Christians we know that the only thing that really gives us a sense of being is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Amen. One of the ways we grow and nurture our relationship with God is through studying the Bible and applying the principles of Jesus¡¯ teaching to our everyday lives. We do this believing that the Bible is Holy and inspired by God. Amen. This brings us to one of the questions posed by the DaVinci Code.

Is the Bible really a Holy book inspired by God? The Bible has been banned, burned and butchered. People have been trying to stomp out the truth of the Bible for centuries. It remains always the one standing Book. Isaiah 40:8 says ¡°The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of God shall stand forever¡±.

A human being writes a book, puts it on sale and it soon becomes the best seller. A few thousand copies are sold and before long this book is forgotten and another takes its place. That is probably what will happen to the DaVinci Code. The Bible was written by God Himself. It is the best seller of every year and it is never forgotten. It remains always the one standing Book. Every effort to destroy the Bible has failed.

We live in a time when people are more self sufficient than ever. We do not have to rely on our neighbors for help in our survival. There is a vast amount of Do-It-Yourself ideals in our society today. We do not like for people to tell us what to do. Especially in our culture today where we are driven to be self sufficient and successful by any means possible. People today do not like it when someone or something ¡°meddles in their lives¡± because we do not like to admit who we really are or that we should make some changes in our lives. God wanted to send a message to His children, so ages ago He breathed on certain men and inspired them to write the books of the Bible. He revealed how the world was made and His own great thoughts were put into the Book. The Book tells of the life and death of the people from a long time ago and the story of the Babe who was born in Bethlehem. It tells of a person¡¯s sin and God¡¯s love and Christ¡¯s sacrifice. It talks about our power of choice and our opportunity for salvation. It tells us how to live and how to treat God and man. It tells about heaven and hell. This is a divine revelation. ¡°The Bible doesn¡¯t try to prove God or to discuss Him in a philosophical manner. (26 Ladd)¡± It tells us how to relate to God and our fellow man.

Many people write books about life, but the Bible is the one great, supreme Word of life. If you want to know what course of action to take, what to do, go to the Bible. It is God¡¯s Word.

The DaVinci Code brings into question the Holiness of the Bible. Dan Brown the author of The DaVinci Code says we can¡¯t trust the Bible. Dan Brown says on page 237 ¡°The Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven¡­.The Bible is a product of man, my dear. Not of God. The Bible did not fall magically from the clouds. Man created it as a historical record of tumultuous times, and it has evolved through countless translations, additions, and revisions. History has never had a definite version of the book.(Brown 231).¡± Dan Brown tries to say that Constantine created his own version of the Bible for political purposes. In 325 AD Various Bishops met at Nicea, it is called the Council of Nicea. Dan Brown tries to say that at this council Dan Brown financed the writing of the Bible and that at this council Jesus¡¯ Divinity was voted on. Brown claims that the four gospels in the Bible were picked at this time. The truth is those gospels were put together years before the Council of Nicea even met. Brown claims that the four gospels were canonized at Nicea when in fact they were in use and accepted as true teachings before 325 AD. Origen who lived 185-254 AD said ¡°Nevertheless, among all these we have approved solely what the church has recognized, which is that only the four gospels should be accepted.¡± That¡¯s around a hundred years before the Council of Nicea took place in 325 AD.

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