Summary: What does the Bible say about UFOs ?

The Bible, UFOs, Aliens, and the Paranormal

Matthew 24:4, 24-25

1 Timothy 4:1

I spoke to a Christian woman last week who told me that her son, who was raised in church, was living with a girl and they weren’t married. She said, He know better, but she didn’t have any church background. Her mom only religion is believing in Alien abductions.

In April 1997 39 devotees to a UFO cult called Heaven’s Gate cult led by Marshall Applewhite, killed themselves believing after their deaths they would join an alien space they said was riding piggy-back on a comet. This event brought to the forefront again just how many people actually believe in UFOs and aliens. Although Heaven’s Gate represents the radical fringe of a global UFO movement, there are millions of less-dedicated, everyday followers who believe in UFOs and alien life. In 1997 one poll suggested 40% of Americans believe aliens have visited our planet. Surveys suggest that more than 20 million Americans believe they’ve seen a UFO in the sky- Other data suggests more than 3 million inhabitants of this planet say they have had a personal encounter with a being from another planet–or with a UFO.(Alien Invaders, Charisma July. Although they have been seen throughout history, their sighting has literally exploded since WW2. So we need a response besides you are stupid or a mental case. How do you fit UFOs and Aliens into your Biblical framework. They aren’t mentioned by name in the Bible. Unfortunately most Christians are confused and have no answer for paranormal activity. I had an elderly woman (not from our church) but from a holiness church tell me she had visits from her dead loved ones to comfort her.


Across the globe, UFO sightings are reported almost weekly. Many are published on the Internet with related reports of such things as "crop circles" and cattle mutilations.

Strange ring-like patterns discovered on July 27, 1991, near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England, and in 1992 in Durham, North Carolina. There have also been an estimated 10,000 cases of cattle mutilations reported in which the animals had been "exsanguinated," or had their blood removed. Some believe aliens are the cause.

A series of ‘flying saucers’ caused a stir in southern England before being revealed as hoaxes, complete with sound effects from built-in batteries and loudspeakers. (answers in genesis)

Many of the true believers in aliens and UFOs cannot be dismissed simply as oddballs or eccentrics. Sightings have been reported by astronauts and former President Jimmy Carter.

One of them is Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper. In 1951 as a young pilot, he was flying an F-86 jet over Germany when he saw flying-saucerlike objects flying in formation. In 1978 her wrote a letter to the United Nations stating he believed in UFOS.

In June 1965 astronaut Ed White–the first American to walk in space- and astornaut James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft when they saw weird-looking metallic objects. Although photos were taken, they were never released.

The United States Government had an offshoot of NASA called SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Shut down in the 1990’s.

Others believe the U.S. Government has withheld proof of extraterrestrial life forms for years from the American People. One such person is former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon during the Apollo 14 space flight 1971.

He rejects the government account of an alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

The US government, in fact, has a long history of investigating UFOs. Their research originated with what was called Project Blue Book, which-after examining more than 13,000 cases of UFO sightings over 20 years-offically debunked the existence of UFOs.

Later a secret group called MJ-12 (Operation Majestic 12) was created by then president Harry Truman on Sept. 24, 1947, to deal with public hysteria surrounding certain UFO sightings.

Harvard University psychiatry professor John E. Mack recently attracted worldwide attention with his collection of cases of people claiming they were ‘abducted by aliens’.

There was also the release of a film alleging to be of an autopsy on an alien from a crash in New Mexico close to the U.S. Air Force Base at Roswell. The blurry footage, which most have dismissed as an obvious and crude forgery, was nevertheless the main attraction at the 1995 UFO World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Then of course, there was the ‘alien invasion’ film Independence Day, which grossed more in its opening week than any previous film in history.

A recent poll in Germany revealed that 17% of the population believe in visits by alien craft, while 31% believe there is intelligent life in other galaxies.

How, then, should one understand the UFO phenomena and all the associated ‘hype’? In the German magazine Focus, it was recently stated ‘90% of UFO reports turn out to be humbug, but there is a residual 10% which are not easy to dismiss

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Bruce Walton

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