Summary: Biblical look at Baptism

The Biblical Doctrine of Baptism

Matthew 3:13-17

What is Baptism? Many have their definition of this precious word but the Bible has the correct meaning. The Greek Word for Baptism is; "bap’-tis-mah", which means; "immersion, submersion. of Christian baptism; a rite of immersion in water as commanded by Christ, by which one after confessing his sins and professing his faith in Christ, having been born again by the Holy Spirit unto a new life, identifies publicly with the fellowship of Christ and the church."

Now, let us take a Biblical View of this Word and see what the Bible has to say about Baptism.

1. Baptism is a Divine Command: Acts 2:38

2. Baptism is a Sign of Conversion: Matthew 3:11

3. Baptism is a Confession of Faith: Acts 8:36-38

4. Baptism is a Testimony of Christ: Acts 16:30-34

5. Baptism is a Picture of Spiritual Resurrection: Romans 6:4

6. Baptism is a Mark of Separation: I Peter 3:21

Application: One must Remember that Baptism is the most beautiful experience beside Salvation one can go through. We are literally identified with Christ through this precious Ordinance. If you have never been Doctrinally Baptized, then you need to request it today.

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