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Summary: To win the big game of eternal life will need to have right priorities, preparation, prayer and perseverance.

The Big Game of life?

Thesis: To win the big game of eternal life will need to have right priorities, preparation, prayer and perseverance.

Video Clip from Illustrate: Clip on David Carr NFL quarterback for Houston Texans.

David Carr was the first pick in the 2002 draft. He immediately became the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. He uses his faith as a testimony to what really brings fulfillment and contentment in life. He strives to be a Christian witness for Jesus on the field, off the field, before the public and in private. His message to the church today on the day of the Big Game is that we need to use our lives to glorify God not ourselves.

Hands on Illustration: Have a football – tell the audience to be ready to catch this ball at any moment because you never know when God may call on you to do a miracle play for Him in the Big Game of life.

Humor Illustration:

There was a person who knew nothing about football and he was taken by a friend to a college football game. The friend explained the game as clearly as possible before they arrived. As the officials met with the captains of both teams for the coin toss, the football fan was asked by the clueless friend what was happening. The fan explained that a quarter was tossed in the air and the visitors got to call "heads or tails." If the visitors called correctly they got to pick whether or not they wanted the ball first or not.

Well the game got underway and it was a thrilling game. It was back and forth. First the home team would get ahead and then the visitors would gain and regain the lead.

Finally the game was done and the stands began to empty. As they left the stadium, the fan asked his friend what he thought about the game. A quizzical look came over the friends face. "It’s all about money." "What?" was the shocked reply, "Yeah, all night I long I thought to myself, ’Why is everybody yelling, "Get the quarter back, get the quarter back."

Contributed to Sermon Central by: Jim Kane


Super Bowl Statistics:

Today is the day of the “Big Game” Super Bowl 39 one of the most watched programs in the world. An estimated 89.6 million people in the U.S. last year watched the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers, it was a slight increase from 2003’s game. You could say that it is one of the biggest idols in our society today. Why do I say that? Here is why, listen to some statistics about Super Bowl Sunday in comparison to real life statistics.

Let’s start with how many watched the Super Bowl last year 89.9 million people.

In comparison the number of Americans who regularly attend church on Sunday is 80 million people 2000 census. Calculated from Barna research and current population.

The cost of a commercial for the Super Bowl this year is $2.4 million per 30-second commercial.

In comparison $28 a month sponsors a child for a month in a third world country. It feeds them, clothes them and educates them.

The cost for Super Bowl tickets this year range from $2,450-$3,925.

In comparison the average person gave to non-profits (including the church) in 2003 $1,079. From Barna research.

How idolized is this game? One person in Philadelphia re-mortgaged his house to buy tickets for the Big Game.

Off course one of the big honors in this game is who is voted the MVP of the day. Here are all of the Most Valuable Players for the Super Bowls:

Super Bowl I QB Bart Starr Green Bay

Super Bowl II QB Bart Starr Green Bay

Super Bowl III QB Joe Namath

N.Y. Jets

Super Bowl IV QB Len Dawson Kansas City

Super Bowl V LB Chuck Howley Dallas

Super Bowl VI QB Roger Staubach Dallas

Super Bowl VII S Jake Scott Miami

Super Bowl VIII RB Larry Csonka Miami

Super Bowl IX RB Franco Harris Pittsburgh

Super Bowl X WR Lynn Swann Pittsburgh

Super Bowl XI WR Fred Biletnikoff Oakland

Super Bowl XII DT

DE Randy White

Harvey Martin Dallas


Super Bowl XIII QB Terry Bradshaw


Super Bowl XIV QB Terry Bradshaw


Super Bowl XV QB Jim Plunkett Oakland

Super Bowl XVI QB Joe Montana

San Francisco

Super Bowl XVII RB John Riggins Washington

Super Bowl XVIII RB Marcus Allen L.A. Raiders

Super Bowl XIX QB Joe Montana

San Francisco

Super Bowl XX DE Richard Dent Chicago

Super Bowl XXI QB Phil Simms NY Giants

Super Bowl XXII QB Doug Williams Washington

Super Bowl XXIII WR Jerry Rice

San Francisco

Super Bowl XXIV QB Joe Montana

San Francisco

Super Bowl XXV RB Ottis Anderson NY Giants

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