3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon teaching from nature how to bee stress free!

“Let’s Talk About the Birds & the Bees”

Matthew 6:25-34

Theme; a picture of a Christian life in this world in the presence of God, actively submissive, and entirely dependent upon Him.

Simply put, a picture of children in relationship to their father as they travel on this pilgrimage called life!

* Chapter 6 broke down in two divisions;

1. Religious life Vs. 1-18- deals with culture & nurture of

soul, piety, our worship, whole religious aspect of life &

everything that deals with our relationship with God.

2. life in general Vs. 19-34- deals with temptations, general

concerns of life such as family, provisions, ‘cares of this world’ that we all face.

•Chapter 6 seems to pick up on theme of end of last chapter,

•5:20 righteousness must exceed…

•6:8 Father already knows what our needs are

•We have learned how to pray, using the Lords prayer as model

•We know how to finish well, lifting up from praying position (knees)

We have been forgiven- He’s wiped the slate clean

•“Physical hunger can bring spiritual satisfaction.”

•Where our treasure is, there we find our heart

•We should now have a single eye or focus

•In all this, Jesus is teaching us danger of worldliness

•Not sin to have “things” but when you “worry” you need more, or what you have is not enough, worldliness sets in.

I. Too Stressed to be Blessed Vs.25

1. “Therefore”

A. A primary preposition-(dee-ah)-“this is why”

B. importance- 3 times used




2. I say unto you

A. Comforting words

B. Commanding words

C. Compassionate words

3. take no thought

A. meaning has changed since translators of 1611

B. used Shakespeare quotations of “taking thought” was used in a sense of “being anxious” or “worrying”

C. in today’s words, do not be anxious, have no anxiety, or

if you prefer as NKJV says “do not worry”

D. the actual word Jesus would have used is translated as

something which divides, separates, or distracts us.

Luke 12:29 And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what

ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.

E. a mind divided in sections, compartments, not functioning as a whole, not having a single eye.

F. take no thought does not mean not caring, but not

stressing over the details.

II. The Birds Vs.26-27

1. Behold- Look

2. Birds sing & eat, Baptist eat & complain

3. Designer feathers, no worries mate

4. which bird is bigger? Today’s turkey-Vs.27

III. The Bees Vs.28-29

1. Does the animal kingdom worry

2. lilies grow by pollination-bees!

3. they have everything they need & just buzz along happy

IV. Too Blessed to be Stressed Vs.30-34


A. after we look around & see what God does for His creation

B. how much more does He love you!

C. Where is your faith?

2. what can we be stressed about? Vs.31

3. worldliness is the problem- “gentiles seek” Vs.32

4. trust God! Vs.33

5. don’t worry, be happy Vs.34

A. “worries are like darkrooms where negatives are


V. Four seasons, Four ways to combat stress

1. Don’t worry about tomorrow stress. (My pocket calendar is

divided into blocks with one day at a time. Stay in one

square at a time. That’s how God designed it.

2. don’t worry about yesterday’s mess. (Forgive yourself of

yesterday’s failures. God has.)

3. Don’t worry about yesterday’s success. (Encore anxiety. Paul

didn’t worry about "topping" himself.)

4. Don’t worry about yesterday’s distress. ( people live their lives stressed about thinking about walking through the valley of the shadow...

we are to walk in the light, not that valley or shadow

here is no place to build a home, raise a family or to live. Life

may have tripped you up, keep walking)

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