Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Every christian should be thinking of the Blessed Hope everyday!

Let us continue to learn from Titus chapter 2, page …..

Read again with me Titus 2:11-15…..

As we noted last week, from v11: God’s grace, which brings salvation, has appeared to all people, and this grace is Jesus Christ; in other words, every person in the world can be saved from God’s judgment of sin by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and God! Jesus Christ is freely given to all people and believing and accepting Him is a must for life! If you’ve never believe and accepted Jesus Christ as God and your only Savior, now is the time to do it! Secondly, whether you’re a father or not, every Christian’s duty is to direct others to Jesus Christ. Dad’s, the best thing you can do for your children is to lead them to Christ!

And we can note from v12-13, every Believer of Jesus Christ can live godly lives even while here on earth!

We also noted last week that our godly lives here on earth lead to evangelism, telling people about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Isn’t God’s plan awesome?! We, People are like sheep who go astray away from their Creator God but God gives at least 3 major reasons to still be able to live godly lives! repeat….

What are these 3 main reasons? 2 reasons we already mentioned:

1. God graciously gave us Jesus Christ to suffer and die for all of our sins (v11 & 14…)!

- Christians are redeemed (bought back to holiness)

- Christians belong to a Holy God!

- God will do good through Christians! God can’t wait to see this happen!

2. Christian lives can eternally impact other people to be heaven bound! (v10)

3. Christians have a blessed hope (v13)!

And what is this blessed hope?

The Christian’s blessed hope is the glorious appearing of Jesus Christ! And by the way, the original Greek word for hope here is “elpizo” which means expecting what is sure! This hope is not the same as “I hope it happens”, this elpizo hope is an event that is sure which will give hope!

Jesus will gloriously appear to the Christian at any moment; it can happen right now! How glorious will this appearing be? Turn briefly with me to Ezekiel 1:4…..

The application to our lives from the passage this morning is straightforward. For every Christian, Jesus can show up wherever we go, whatever we are doing, like He did for Ezekiel! How are we living our lives? We are to live godly lives! Do we even think about this on a daily basis?

It is Father’s Day today. In a moment we will have a prayer for dads. But dads, the best way to be a father is to keep in mind the 3 reasons to live the right way: God gave Jesus Christ, accept Him as Savior and Lord; our lives impacts others for eternity; and Jesus can gloriously appear to us at any time!

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