Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The people we spend our time with will influence our walk with God. This Psalm tells us how to walk in order to be blessed of God.

This short Psalm gives us some very profound guidelines to help us live a life of Godliness.

Let us notice a few things about the individual who the Psalmist considers blessed.

I. His choice of friends

A. His walk.

>Not in the counsel of ungodly people.

>Ungodly people are those who are good, moral citizens who simply fail to acknowledge a need for God.

B. His stand

> Not in the pathways of sinners.

> Sinners are those who not only fail to acknowledge a need for God, but who also willfully and purposefully rebel against what they know is right.

C. His resting place

> Not in the seat of scoffers.

>Scornful people are those who have come to the place that they can sit down and be so comfortable in their wickedness that they even mock righteousness. They laugh at Christianity. Their conscience no longer bothers them on a regular basis.

“There is unmistakable progress here, describing the path which the [believers] carefully avoid. Walketh suggests a casual or passing association with those who are out of touch with God. Standeth is a continued fellowship with persons consistently sinful in attitude and act. Sitteth implies being quite at home with those who mock God and religion. The godly person refuses to take even the first step on this downward path.” --Beacon, vol. 3, pg. 141

II. His delight.

>He finds sheer delight in God’s law.

Such delight, in fact, that he is continually meditating on it.

III. His spiritual strength and stability

>He is like a tree, not a scrawny tree in the middle of the desert, but a lush, fruitful tree planted by the rivers of water. He is well established in his faith. He is not like the ungodly which are chaffy and unsettled. His strength lies in the Lord.

IV. His status with the Lord.

>The Lord knows him and knows all about him. Psalm 139:2 says, “Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.”

Let us walk the ways of a righteous man and enjoy the blessing and help of our Loving Lord.

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