Summary: There are many internal benefits and blessings of problems. Let’s examine some of those benefits.

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The Blessings and Benefits of Problems (Part 4)


1. We have learned that problems are a part of life. Because of the curse of sin on this earth, problems are woven into the fabric of everyday life.

2. There are many internal benefits and blessings of problems. Let’s examine some of those benefits.

First, problems can lead us to a state of humility.

Second, problems can teach us patience.

Third, problems can cause us to deepen our relationship with the Lord.

Fourth, problems can open doors for ministry to others.

1. God’s plan is for the believer to be fruitful. Not only does God desire that we bear the character of the fruit of the Spirit, He desires that we bear the fruit of people! God wants us to impact others for Christ.

• Illustration: A husband and wife are joined in marriage, and when they have children we talk about children as the “fruit of the womb.” When we are joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, God desires that this relationship bears fruit – that is, other Christians. Romans 1:13-16

2. Many times, problems give to us a very powerful platform through which we can impact others for Christ. Problems have a way of refining us, just as a farmer purges a tree so that the tree becomes more fruitful.

• If we will turn to God during our problems and seek Him, God can use those problems to purge and prepare us to be used in the future.

3. A great example of this is the Thessalonian believers. 1 Thessalonians 1:6-8

• They were going through great affliction, yet it provided a powerful platform for them to share Christ with others.

4. When you are going through a problem, remind yourself of two things:

• I am not the only one. 1 Peter 5:9; 1 Corinthians 10:13a

? Other people have gone through the pain you are experiencing, and some are going through it right now.

• Others need my help. 2 Corinthians 1:4-6

5. As you allow your problems to draw you into a deeper fellowship with Christ (point # 3), you are able to share Christ with others and help them.

6. Problems are the preparation process that we go through to enable us to help and minister to others. While God is not sending problems into our lives, He desires to take the problems that we encounter and use them for His glory and for the help of others.

• God can take all things and work them together for good. Romans 8:28

• There are many people who are closed to the gospel, but will listen to a person who has been through a similar problem as them. There is an immediate connection because of a common trial that has been endured. It gives that believer a platform with which to speak to them about the Lord.

7. Some of the most powerful ministries that could ever start in this church will start as a result of the problems that each of us have encountered and battled through.

• Examples: Divorce, health problems, addictions, child abuse, financial problems, incarceration, marital problems, death of a loved one, depression, etc.

8. Some of the greatest opportunities in our lives come disguised as problems. Have you found opportunity in your problems – spiritual opportunity?

• Illustration: Bill Rice’s daughter was born deaf and it led to the establishment of the Bill Rice Ranch, which has ministered to thousands of deaf people through the years.

9. We are all faced with a decision. We can take our problems from the past and present, wallow in self-pity, blame God, and blame others. Or, we can decide that we will find ministry opportunities through our problems and use them as opportunities to help another human being.

10. In your problems, God desires to do a work in you (deepen your relationship with Him), but He also desires to do a work through you (take your problems and use them to help others)!

11. Jesus told the disciples to abide in Him (the tree), and bring forth fruit. John 15:4-5

• First law of branches – Stay close to the tree! God desires to work in you and draw you into a deeper fellowship with Him.

• Second law of branches – Be fruitful, not barren! God desires to work through you and impact others for Christ. A tree doesn’t bear fruit to keep it for itself (it will rot on the vine), but for others to come and pick it and enjoy it.

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