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Summary: Just as there are blessings of Justification (Romans 5), there are also blessings that God pours out because of our faith.

The Blessings of Believing

Romans 15:1 (quickview) –13


Just as there are blessings of Justification (Romans 5 (quickview) ), there are also blessings that God pours out because of our faith.


I. We are filled with Joy.

A. An example of Joyful believers. Acts 8:5 (quickview) , 8, 39

1. Philip proclaimed Christ. Acts 8:5 (quickview) 

2. Great Joy filled the city. Acts 8:8 (quickview) 

3. The eunuch’s faith caused him to rejoice. Acts 8:39 (quickview) 

B. People long for a Joyful life. Illustration: A former President of Harvard University once said, “The world is looking for a creed to believe and a song to sing.” Illustration taken from Bruce Howell at sermoncentral.com

C. Harmony among believers and the unity of the church creates a joyful people.

II. We are filled with Peace.

A. This Peace comes from our new standing.

1. Romans 15:7 (quickview)  - Peace for those IN CHRIST

2. Romans 5:1 (quickview)  - Justification brings Peace.

B. Enemies of Peace.

1. Fear - comes from weak faith. Matthew 8:26 (quickview) 

2. Frustration - comes from life’s struggles. Romans 8:28 (quickview) 

III. We abound in Hope

A. Definition: Vine - “Hope describes the happy anticipation of good.”

B. The Hope of eternal salvation. Romans 15:8 (quickview) –12

1. Romans 8:23 (quickview) –25

2. 1 Peter 1:3 (quickview) –4

C. Without faith there is no Hope. Hebrews 11:1 (quickview) 


• There are blessings in believing; 1. JOY, 2. PEACE, 3. HOPE.

• There are consequences of unbelief:

1. 1 John 5:9 (quickview) –12

2. Hebrews 11:6 (quickview) 

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