Summary: Its mind boggling isn’t it? So many want to go heaven, but so few really want to get to know the one whose coming to pick them up beyond a blind date experience, before He gets here!

The blind date

Illus by Paul Fritz

A father wanted to read the paper, but was being bothered by his little

daughter, Vanessa. Finally, he tore a sheet out of his magazine, on

which was printed the map of the world. Tearing it into small pieces, he

gave it to Vanessa, and said, "Go into the other room and see if you can

put this together."

After a few minutes, Vanessa returned and handed him the map correctly

fitted together. The father was surprised and asked how she had

finished so quickly.

"Oh," she said, "on the other side of the paper was a picture of Jesus.

When I got Jesus in His place, then the world came out all right."

When Jesus has His place in this world, everything comes out all right doesn’t it? 2000 years ago, there was a picture of the world on one side of a plan and on the other side was a picture of Jesus as the answer and solution to the plan!

Getting to know the Lord up close and personal seems like it should just be a natural thing that evolves with time, for each and every human being.

I mean after all, if someone were willing to take you to the most wonderful place ever known to mankind and you were going to spend eternity with Him there,

Wouldn’t you think, you would want to get to know Him before hand, before the day arrived.

I’ve heard of blind dates working out before, in fact right here in this church the Westbergs met on a blind date and we’re married for more than 70 years.

God is the only one who has showed up for every blind date in the history of the world! The Scripture says for whosoever, God is willing to show up and enter into a relationship for all of eternity, with that person!

Its mind boggling isn’t it? So many want to go heaven, but so few really want to get to know the one whose coming to pick them up beyond a blind date experience, before He gets here!

In fact, never has there been more promised to receive with the least qualifications required to obtain the promise. God didn’t design it that way you know, He made getting to know Him easy enough a child could understand and grasp ahold of.

John 3:16 NKJ

16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

17. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

All we have to do is believe, how could something so easy be so hard for so many?

So many churches in every community,

So many opportunities to worship the Great creator!

So few willing to pursue a relationship with Jesus and to be found faithful, concerning the things of God.

Everyone is always on the lookout for the perfect opportunity, for the perfect relationship and individual that can help them achieve what they’re looking for!

And when they finally find what they think is the right opportunity, they seize the moment and take advantage of what they have found!

And for those who didn’t, society would be quick to point out the fact that they wasted an opportunity, that could’ve forever altered the course of their life.

That seems to be the case with every opportunity, except for God’s amazing offer to the world, without limitations!

If the world would just wake up and realize, everything they are looking for:

*happiness...His Joy brings strength

*contentment...God offers the ability to abound in all circumstances

*love...His love knows no boundaries and is unconditional

*peace...Jesus offers peace that passes all Understanding

*wealth... God wants you prosper, even as your soul propers

*knowledge and opportunity...there is no greater source for either, than the One who created them!

All those promises and so many more, can be found in and only through a relationship with the one who created them, why would anyone look anywhere else, but the source?

Two reasons...Because they don’t know, Or they know and refuse to believe.

Jesus came so we could experience all that God has to offer us, which is everything that Jesus has available to him!

1st John 4:17 Amp

In this [union and fellowship with Him], love is completed and perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment [with assurance and boldness to face Him]; because as He is, so are we in this world.

Phillipians 4:19 NKJ

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

With everything Jesus has available to Him, available for the disbursement to those willing to pursue a relationship with Him.

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