Summary: There are 7 times that Jesus bled for you and I...

The Blood that Ran…

Part 4-Walking out of captivity and surrendering to God

Text: John 8:33-37

Today we are going to find out the final 2 times that Jesus died for our sins. Just to remind you once again the first 5 are

1. Circumcision – for the making of a new Blood covenant

2. Garden – Sweating blood because it took work to get anything accomplished after the fall and it took work for Jesus to take back what the enemy had stolen.

3. Beard – They plucked His beard to represent that man now could look to God face to face and did no longer have to go through an earthly advocate. (i.e. priest)

4. Back – Beaten so brutally that His bones and organs were showing, to show that He was taking the burden of sin that Adam had put on our backs on His own.

5. Crown – Wore a crown of thorns to represent that man lost his crown of life of Jesus came to redeem that crown, and give us full authority once again over the earth.

Which brings us to this morning in which we find Jesus bleeds the last two times.

6. Nails – They nailed Him to a cross by His hands and feet to represent that man lost the ability to walk with God and if by the act of confession and raising of hands in surrender to God then man could once again walk into the presence of God.

7. Side – Man was created in the image of God, woman was created from man out of the rib of Adam. Jesus bleed from His side to represent that He did not only die for man for woman as well.

Once again this morning I want to start this message backwards I want to first give us the representation of the 7th time Jesus bleed for you and I.

The 7th and final time he bleed was after His death…

John 19:32 Then came the soldiers, and brake the legs of the first, and of the other which was crucified with him.

John 19:33 But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs:

John 19:34 But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

This represents just as God put Adam to sleep and pulled from him a rib bone to create woman. God put Jesus to sleep and from His side cause blood to run for the remission of sins for the sake of women.

For this purpose man can never claim that women are not an important part of God’s work.

All were cleansed by His blood but this is to represent that Christ’s work was complete and full at His death.


We all can most likely think what it might be like to be held captive. We realize that being held in captivity is no pretty seen or no easy burden.

It is most likely not what you and I would like for our children or ourselves.

As everyone probably already knows that when you give into captivity you must first surrender you stand. This is signified by the global sign of raising ones hands for surrender.

Adam in his fall surrender all he had over to Satan. He in essence brought us all into captivity by throwing up his spiritual hands and saying I give up I can’t take it any longer you win Satan.

Makes us think back on the time that the Jews were held captive in Egypt. Held as slaves and forced to work. Or the time they were held captive by Hitler and force to die.

We all probably heard stories about how the young man went into the army ready to fight for his country. How he fought valiantly only to be caught and held as a prisoner of war.

a. How he endured such horrible and unspeakable things.

b. He was forced to eat food that wasn’t fit for an animal.

c. Forced to live in filth and mire.

d. Beaten, tortured and left UN-nursed.

e. Barely time for you the wounds to scab over and brought into another session of torture.

f. Used for experiments or just afflicted for personal enjoyment.

g. Doesn’t make you feel that good on the inside does it?

h. Turns your stomache to think of some of things that must have went on doesn’t it?

i. I recall my wife’s uncle Homer, He was held captive in a camp in WWII I believe.

j. I have never witnessed this but I have heard by my father – in – law and other in the family that he was deprived of food and water. Probably other necessities of life, no doubt he was beaten and all that but he made it out. Once out his whole life was different, I was told that he hated to see anyone complain about the food they got or to waste the food they got. This came from his experience, he had learned the value of being free and the value of having food readily available.

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