Summary: How God, through typification, teaches us Basic truths applicable to a Christian life.

"The Boards And the Believers"

Introduction: IN THIS passage of scripture, we find that Moses is still at work, sending out the edict of the tabrenacle with the LORD commanded him to build. He Intricately instructs on every detail, of every part of that sacred sanctuary; From the Laver to the Table. From the Brazen alter, to the Holy of Holies, he leaves nothing out. In THIS verse of scripture, at a majority rate, most choose to find it insignificant to a Christian life, But their is NO scipture in the Bible, Old Testament, Or new, That does not edify a Christian in either a spiritual or historical sense. Moses is speaking of the BOARDS, and what MOST fail to comprehend, is that God, Who is Artisic, and Aesthetic in divine nature, is painting us a wonderful picture, that is applicable to a Christian Society. The BOARDS in Fact, are typifying the believers, and how we all make up the body of Christ. and It is MY duty to show you how....


I. The Boards were First "CUT DOWN".

A. The Boards, made from Trees, had to be cut down by an ax.

1.Paul demonstrated to us in Acts chapter 9, the process of being cut down. Being a vile sinner, with a choleric nature, Paul was CUT DOWN from his life style, and given a NEW commission on LIFE.

2. The first step toward spritual rise, is allowing Christ to cut you down from your lifestyle of sin and pride. A song says "The first step to heaven is on your knees".

II.Then, The boards had to be "DRIED UP"

A.Sap, Dew, Moisture..All These things find ways of getting to the core of a tree, and because of these natural assets, before a tree can be productive in construction, those things must be DRIED OUT of the tree, by one Thing...THE SUN.

1.The Sun, Through evaporation, and heat, takes the moisture from within the tree, that is INVISIBLE to the eyes, and pulls it out, by the power of its rays.

2. The Brighter the SUN on the day the wood is set out, the FASTER the process of Drying. After Being saved, it is always hard to get out the things that have attributed prevelantly to our nature BEFORE The life as a believer. But The more we allow the SON, which is Jesus to become BRIGHT, or ALLUMINATE in our lives, the FASTER we can rid those unseen-attributes from out nature, spirit, and Character. The BRIGHER the sun, The Quicker the Drying..the BRIGTHER THE SON the quicker we can get rid of unwanted Characteristics.

III.Thirdly, The Wood, (boards) must be SMOOTHED OUT.

A.Through Erosion, wind, rain, hail, snow, sleet, ice, animals..wood becomes rough, and in order for a carpenter to appropriately put together two pieces of wood, the wood must be Smoothed out.

1. Through Time, Hurtful words from other people, causes rough attitudes (edges) to seep into our spirits. Through hard times, and struggles, we get "Weary In well Doing", and that rougness causes us to be Ineligible for construction.

2. The holy Ghost has been sent to US to smooth out those things that set up rough edges in our Spiritual LIVES. We cant be effective in the building of the church of GOD, unless we let God smooth out those things, with his loving spirit.

IV.Then The wood was "COVERED".

A. Verse 29 tells of the covering of GOLD placed over the wood.

1.This Process is typifying GODS LOVE that is covered over the saints, which causes a radiance of holiness to be portruding out of our lives.

2. Psalms 149:4 says that God "Beautifies the Meek with Salvation". THE CLOTHES of Salvation makes us beatiful in the eyes of God.

V. Lastly, The last process is to be "Fitly Framed Together".

A. After the boards were placed through the Process, they were FITLY FRAMED TOGETHER, to form a sturdy place for God to Dwell...

1. Each board touched another Board. In Order for the Christians of today, to make up a church without "Spot or Wrinkle", we must understand that all the boards in the church are supposed to be FRAMED TOGETHER. DIVISION among the Believers (Boards) causes instability in the frame of the Church.

2. Each board had its point of contact with the foundation. THAT foundation, is Jesus. As saints of God, Petty division causes lack of contact with the foundation, and this can cause lack of healing, lack of spirit, lack of CONVICTION to sinners, and lack of effective servanthood.

Conclusion: Revelation says that "He That overcomes shall be made a PILLAR in the House of the Lord". PIllars Directly effect the stability of A Building. WE must overcome ALL those things that set us back from our divine destination. The world, lost without God, NEEDS our Unity, so that we may be able to frame together, more believers...Through the working of the holy spirit, IN US!

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