3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A discription of the purpose, character, and the opening greetings of apostle of Paul.

#2 (03-25-07)

The Book of Philippians: Background and Character of the Book


Why study the book?

It will encourage you to serve God.

It will boost your level of joy.

It will reveal your source of joy.

Background of the Book

Paul’s calling, 3 missionary journeys, church

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Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome AD 59-62

Book of Philippians written AD 60-62

Purpose of the Book

1. To thank them for their gifts and help during his imprisonment.

2. To encourage them in their suffering.

3. To warn them of false teachers.

Characteristics of the Book

1. It is a spiritual love letter from Paul to the church.

2. There are no moral or doctrinal problems addressed.

3. There are no OT references.

4. Key theme: Joy in Christ

5. Key words: Joy, rejoice (16x) Christ 40x

Paul’s greeting to the Church

I. Paul a bond-servant of Christ Jesus

A. Christ being Lord.

1. Major emphasis of book (2:10, 11) Lord 15

2. Lord= Master and owner

B. Being a servant or free agent.

1. Free agent: focus on personal rights, privileges, self, personal freedom.

2. Slave or servant (doulos) “one who gives himself up to another’s will, devoted to another to disregard of one’s own interest

C. What it meant to Paul.

1. He was 100% surrendered to Christ

2. He owed Christ complete obedience (3:12) “Christ took a hold of me”

3. Basis of Paul’s maturity, essential ingredient of his relationship with Christ

II. They were saints in Christ.

A. Who are saints?

1. Misconception, Roman Catholic belief, a Christian who has reached a status of perfection, and miracle are attributed to them.

2. We are believer in Christ = Saints

B. Biblical definition of saint.

Greek word hagios , to set apart, to dedicate

Is Christ your Lord?

Are you a servant or a free agent of Christ?

Have you surrendered all (100%) to Christ?

Do you purpose to obey Christ in everything?

Have you set yourself apart from the world to be dedicated to Christ?

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