Summary: God can change all circumstances in our lives if we are willing to put our faith in him.

The Breaking Of Day

The bible reads in verse 1 That Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly, saying, Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went , and came into a harlot’s house, named Rahab, and lodged there. The bible says that Rahab was a harlot. That means that she was a hooker, a prostitute, a woman who sold her physicall body to be used, abused, and misused, all for the price of money. Not only was Rahab a prostitute, but she was a Cannanite dwelling in the land of Jericho. The Canannites were considered the enemy because they did all types of abominations according to God’s word. They sacrificed there own children as a part of their own religios idolatry, they worshipped false God’s and committed all types of heinous sexual acts. Rahab was part of that society.. According to God’s plan in Deuteronmy 17: everyone in the land was to be destroyed and Israel was to show no mercy upon them, but here in the first verse of Joshua chapter 2, two spies were sunt to Jericho and the place where they lodged was at Rahab’s house. We must first understand that when we are trying to find the breaking of day, that God will send someone our way, and he can change each and every situation that we are presently in. It does not matter how addicted or afflicted you are, God gives all of us a chance to reverse our circumstances. The bible says that the spies lodged at her house. First- I have come to believe that because this woman was a prostitute, it would not be unusual for her to see two strange men, there would be nothing unusual for her to accept these men into her house, she would have been the best person to stay with in an unfamiliar town. Number 2- there was nothing different about Rahab, but her occupation. Rahab, just like most of us, was an ordinary person with life full of sin. Just like the spies were ordinary people that God used, the bible doesn’t quote who they are, all we know is they were men used by God. But why would God use a prostitute. Doesn’t it make you wonder about God’s judgement. Out of all people why would he choose Rahab. i believe as the bible states that many are called but few are chosen. I know with a certainty that all of us no matter how deeply rooted in sin we were, God sunt someone our way but he left it up to us to respond. Some of us were drug addicts who never thought we would overcome our addictions, some of us were very permiscuous and was hooked on pornography, some of us let the stronghold of gambling tie up our finances and it seemed as if we’re paying tithes to the New York Lotto, whether it was drugs, whether it was gambling, whether it was sex, God always send someone by to give you the opportunity to feel the breaking of day. Its even quoted in Jeremiah 29;11 part a of that verse reads, I know the thoughts that I think toward you, nothing with God can be accidental, because in other words, he knows the plans he has for our lives, but we must first know that he can change our situation. If we don’t know that he can change our situation than nothing can be done. God had some plans for rahab and God has some plans for all of us. God’s got a knack for showing up in people’s lives and showing out, puttin on display of what he can do with ordinary men. he took Samson after he allowed himself to be ruined by his own indulgences, and got himself locked up by the Philistine soldiers, they burned out his eyes and he asked for strength just one more time and the Lord met him there and he killed more people in his death than in his life, he understood God can take an ordinary man and change his circumstances. He took 300 Israelites and they defeated 135,000 midianites, becasue they understood that God takes ordinary men an change their circumstances. We know the story of King David when he stood before Saul as a small ruddy child, the bible tells us that he took an ordinary person in the likes of David and took down Goliath with one smooth stone. The Lord uses people like you, the Lord uses people like me, the Lord uses all of us no matter what society has said about you, no matter what they think, no matter how they feel, if you having an issue, look at Rahab and tell your neighbor if the Lord can use a prostitute, than I know that he can use me. He takes ordinary people and give them the chance to feel the breaking of day. Rahab the prostitute was in the process of having a brighter day.

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