Summary: We have sent with him, The Brother

(2 Cor 8:16-24; 12:18) "And we have sent with him the brother...".

I want to call your attention to verse 18:

"And, we have sent with him THE BROTHER!"

Not we sent Brother John, or Brother Larry, etc...

> But we sent with him, THE BROTHER

Evidently, it was not as important to God, who this guy was, BUT THAT HE WAS THERE!

> God doesn’t tell us his name...

> God doesn’t tell us where he was from...

> God doesn’t tell us what he did for a living...

> God did not EVEN tell us what he was doing for the Apostles.

All God tells us about him is that He sent him with the men of God.

> The Apostle Paul tells us that Titus wanted to go unto them, and be a blessing to them...

> And, Paul had sent with Titus, The Brother!

> "And we have sent with him the brother..."

The Brother

I. What Do We Know About The Brother?

A. He was obedient to the men of God (v. 18).

1. The work of God cannot be done by the preacher alone.

> There must be men and women in the church that can help...

2. God will send men and women to help in the church...

> But, not all that are sent will go to the work.

> Not all that are sent will be obedient.

3. Thank God the Apostle Paul and Titus had someone that they could call on to help.

> Thank God there was someone who was available.

> Thank God there was someone who would be obedient to the call of God.


B. He had a good reputation in the church (v. 18b; 22).

1. Not only his church, but churches all over the country were talking about The Brother.

> God doesn’t even tell us his name, and yet he was famous!

> He had a reputation in the church

2. He had a reputation as one who help distribute the gospel (v. 18b).

> He gave to missions...

> He supported the local Church...

> He was directly involved in the work!

3. I am not sure of all that he did, but I am sure of one thing...

> He had a reputation of assisting the Church in spreading the gospel.

> He received praise & appreciation from the Church.



C. He was to be received of the church (v. 23-24).

1. If you are inquiring about Titus, he is my Partner.

> He is to be received as if you were receiving me...

2. If you are inquiring about THE BROTHER, he is the messenger of the Church, and the glory of Christ.

> Watch how you treat him, he is the glory of Christ.

3. THEREFORE (v. 24), show to them the proof of your love...

> Teach the church how to treat a man of God.

> We have sent with him, THE BROTHER!

II. The Characteristics of The Brother.

A. He finds out what he can do to help.

1. We cannot expect for someone else to do your part.

> We must so involve our self in the situation, so that we can be of service.

2. If its not obvious, we must ask how we can help.

> Some use the excuse, "No one asked me for help."

> But, I say you should take the initiative, and ask them, "What can I do to help?"

B. He considers his involvement a challenge.

1. Consider the story of the good Samaritan:

> Two religious leaders passed by, but each said, "Someone else will come..."

> But, the Samaritan, said, "I must help."

> He did not ask, "Should I help?"

> He saw the situation & determined to do something about it.

2. We all have ways of crying out for help, without saying a word.

> These cries go unanswered because we are not listening...

> We will give an answer to God, for letting people slip through our hands, that God intended us to help.

C. He does not consider what others have done for him.

1. The Apostle said, "I am a debtor to all men."

> Helping someone should not be based of what they have done for you.

2. My motivation for others is not selfish gain.

> I must not help others because of what I could gain.

> I must help others because they need help.

3. God may have called you, not to be in the spotlight, but to be a help to someone else.

> God may have called you, not to be the leader, but to be a helper

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