Summary: God is challenging Christian Men to impact this dark age by walking with him.

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Gen. 5:21-24

Hebrews 11:5-6

Jude 1:14

In our text tonight, we have before us the tidal waves of death stemming from the birth of sin in the garden. The first child born to sinful humanity was a murderer. Cain killed his brother when there was no rap music, no street gangs, no TV violence, no peer pressure and no absent fathers. The most tragic verse in the bible says; “and Cain killed his brother.” The wages of sin is death. Men are still sinning and therefore they are still dying. It is not sickness but sin that kills mankind. From Adam until now, men are still dying. Tonight, I want to focus on the days of Noah and his great-grandfather Enoch. The bible describes Noah’s day as a dark and evil. It was a time of great wickedness. Every imagination of men hearts was evil continually. The earth was corrupt and filled with violence. Men killed for the sake of killing. The violence was not simply incidental but willful and premeditated. It should be carefully noted that Jesus compared our latter days to the days of Noah. I submit to you tonight, that it is dark in our world. It is so dark in the moral order until we are devoid of the lines between right and wrong. Men are establishing their own righteousness. Men are desecrating the bed of matrimony. Men are lying with men. Women are lying with women. They are destroying the purity of divine institution. It is dark in our social order, people cannot live together. Whites are oppressing blacks. Blacks are killing blacks. Nations are against nations. Churches are at variance with each other. It is dark in the educational climate. We ever learning and never coming to knowledge of the truth. Our sons are skipping school and filling our prisons. The waters of education have dried up like an arid desert. In our churches money has replaced mercy. The church’s income has become greater than the sinner’s outcome. The chandeliers of the Christian faith has been smoldered by the wheel of fortune. Families have been ripped apart because of the love of money. Too many folk are starving because to many are in love with that mean green. It is dark ecologically. The land is sick. The plants are poisoned. The water is polluted. The animals are full of steroids. We are all victims of the mess that we’ve made. It is dark mentally and spiritually. Men are afraid of each other. We live in the constant fear of a nuclear holocaust. There is road rage, church rage, school rage, job rage and even home rage. Everything is moving at a fast pace. We want salvation tomorrow but everything else, we want it right now. Technology has made us complacent and lethargic. I wonder tonight, is there a man who will make a difference in this dark and evil age? The bible tells us about two men who lived in such times and made a difference. There are only two men who walked with God according to the scriptures: Noah and his great-grandfather, Enoch. Noah was preserved through the flood and Enoch was lifted before the flood. Enoch was a symbol of the rapture. Noah was a symbol of deliverance through the Tribulation. Tonight, we want to focus on Enoch. Enoch was a different man and a difference maker. He had faith and because he had faith, he had no funeral. He left this evil world with a testimony that he pleased God. He is described as a man that walked with God amid an evil generation.

I. Enoch Walked With God By Choice.

II. Enoch Walked in the Wisdom of God.

III. Enoch Walked by Faith.

IV. Enoch Walked Away from the World.

V. Enoch Walked in Harmony with God.

VI. Enoch Walked as a Witness for the Lord.

VII. Enoch Walked in the Light of God’s Presence.

VIII. Enoch Walked as an Example for Us.

IX. Enoch Walked Passed Death.

God is Calling Men Who will make a Difference:

Men who will stand in the Gap

Men who will tell our boys to pull up their pants

Men who will pray and fast for the plight of the world

Men who will sound the trumpet

Men who will stay on the wall

Men who will fight Goliath

Men who will stand up for the cause of Christ

Men who will march the streets of our communities

Men who will mentor our young sons

Men who will visit our boys in prison

Men who will speak against black on black violence

Men who will drive the gates of hell from our neighborhood

Men who will take care of their children

Men who will tell boys to stopping degrading our sisters

Men who will lead their families to worship

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