Summary: This is a sermon for all of you out there looking for your place in the ministry. Continue to be hungry and eat your fill as you take in this prophetic word.

Where were you when the word of the Lord came to you? Were you

at church when you received the call? Or maybe, you were out at the

time, and the Lord decided not to leave you a message. Fact is, if

you don’t know what your calling is, you’re probably not listening

close enough to what God says. Maybe you’re sitting in church saying,

"Mhhhmmm, this is some good preaching. But you know, I just don’t

know if I believe in this healing stuff," or maybe, "this speaking in

tongues," or even maybe, "I don’t know if God moves like this." Can I

tell you the truth? You’re probably not listening close enough to the

preaching to know what the preacher is saying but you know that it is

good preaching and that God is moving. And you know he has to be

getting a word from God, because he’s running around screaming. All

that has happened is not about you, even the Call that He has placed

on your life, it’s not about you. It’s all for the Shekina glory of

God. It’s about the One who called you.

Glory to God. God has placed a calling on my life, not because

of anything that I have done, or because of who I am. But because of

what He did, and because of who He is. He knew that I would run with

my calling, because the Lord knows me. He put a fire in my heart, and

in my soul that will not burn out because the Holy Ghost keeps fueling

it everyday. When you’re expecting an important call, do you sit

beside the phone and wait for it? Or do you say ahh, if it’s

important they will leave a message or call back. Let me tell you

something God don’t leave a message at the beep, He says if you’re not

ready and willing I will call somebody who is. When God places a call

on your life, you better be ready. I’m not sayin somebody who’s been

saved for 2 days and they think God is calling them to preach. I have

been called to preach, though I have only been saved for 6 months, but

God has started an awesome work in me. I am not going to go straight

to a church of 8,000 people most likely, and won’t be preaching inside

a church in the next 2 months or nothing but as you can tell God is

using me for His glory because I was ready and willing. God uses all

of His Saints whether they know it or not. I’ve said it since I got

saved; you’re strongest testimony and best witness is the way you live

your life. Isaiah the prophet was as great as he was for one reason.

He was willing. " ’Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And

I said, ’Here am I. Send me.’" (Isaiah 6:8) I feel like Isaiah in

that sense.

Willingness is the key to being a great man or woman of God.

I’ve heard people say, "Ahh you don’t have to read the Bible to be a

Christian," or, "You don’t have to go to church to be saved." Well

no, but tell me something. How are you going to grow spiritually?

You won’t and if you’re not growing, you’re backsliding. Maybe, it’s

slowly enough no one can notice, but God does. God wants you to go to

His house. He wants you to grow. He wants you to know His word.

What kind of witness are you going to have if somebody who’s lost

knows the Bible better than you do? "We want to see God move in an

awesome way, and have a greater anointing," somebody said. You’re not

going to see either one if you don’t heed the word of God and believe

and listen to God.

God will never lead you astray, He will never tempt you. He’ll

never leave you and never forsake you, but if you don’t feel God, let

me tell you something. It’s not always because God is angry with you,

He will test you and send you through the fire. But thats a whole

nother message. Sometimes, maybe you’re not listening close enough.

Have you ever been trying to talk to somebody at school and they don’t

hear you? That is what it’s like when God is talking to you. You’re

wrapped up in other things, and so enamored in your own mind that you

don’t hear the Word of God. And if you don’t hear it, how are you

supposed to heed it? Empty yourself and God will fill you. He wants

you to be as Holy as possible. Y’all want to hear me preach? I’ll be

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