Summary: When Jesus calls us He calls us to a number of changes.


We discover from our text that Christ calls people

at work.

The question we will answer is " what does Christ call

us to?

There are three callings that Levi received that could

also be true for everyone else.

1. Everyone is called to repentance(v17)

Luke tells us that Jesus came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance(Luke 5:32)

a. Repentance is to change one’s disposition towards

God. Levi demonstrated this by " leaving

everything and following Jesus."(v14)

b. Repentance causes us to become generous towards

God. Levi demonstrates this by hosting a dinner

for Jesus.(v15)

c. Those who ignore the call to repentance often

share similarities with the pharisees in our

story. They are quick to judge and slow to show


2.Everyone is called to relationship(v15)

a. After repentance comes a call to relationship.

Clearly Jesus looks for people to be with. In

our text he is out there where crowds gather.

b. The Pharisees are clearly disturbed that Jesus

is enjoying himself.

c. In verse 16 we have a question, "why does He eat

with tax collectors and sinners?" This is a great

question.The answer is that he loves them.

3. We are called to recovery(v17)

a. Jesus compares his ministry to a doctor,s.He

too wants to see us well.

b. Jesus heals us in two ways. He heals by his

touch( Mark 1:40-41)and he heals by his


c. The word of God is a spiritual perscription

that when applied will bring about healing

to our minds.


God is concerned about every person. He is confirming his call on our life through this passage. He is calling us to repentance so we can have relationship and recovery.Will we respond?

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