Summary: Addressing the whys of hard hearts in the pews - and out

The Callousing of the North American Church

Mark 16:14 Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with

their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they believed not them which had seen him after he

was risen. (KJV)

Illustration - John’s first day at work with machete - skin blistered and hanging - soon (within 2 months)he had callused hands

We also grow accustomed to the constant bombardment on our hearts and intellect because so much of it is irrelevant

I - Three Major Causes of Hardness


1 - tabloids - baby born talking tells father winning lottery ticket number

2 - newscasters - how do you feel about their facts?

3 - documentaries - anyone can give their ‘expert’ opinion on a subject

4 - All these carrying views that often conflict with each other - Facts seem to be

in the eye of the beholder in our society


1 - separates us from the reality of suffering

2 - has caused many to lose the reality of the NEED to spread the gospel

3 - how do we relate to suffering if we never suffer?

a - I am not begging for suffering, but pushing for truth

4 - in comfort truth has little value after a time


1 - How many denominations can you think of?

a - enough of these claim to be the only ‘true’ faith to cause a tremendous rift

b - people feel they cannot find reality and truth with God

c - many are tired of sifting through the myriad’s of angry religious zealots for a chance at truth

2 - the air waves are filled with televangelists asking (if not demanding) for money

a - one famous evangelist said send your money for your benefit!!!

b - people are beyond confused - they are uninterested

Acts 17:16-23

We must not be a part of anything that desensitizes us to truth - change

Jer 4:3 - Hos 10:12 Break up your fallow ground - be sensitive to the entrance of truth

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