Summary: Jesus charges Peter as they chat around the campfire

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One of my favorite characters in the Bible is Peter. I guess it’s because I can relate to him so much. He tries to do the right things and say the right words but often stumbles along the way. He was just a simple fisherman that was handed the most important assignment any man could have.

His name was not always Peter. He started out as Simon. His name meant “listener.” He often had a problem living up to the meaning of his name. Jesus would change his name to Peter, meaning “the rock” after Simon revealed that Jesus was the Messiah. He would fail to live up to that name also.

Today I want us to look at the last encounter Peter would have with Jesus in which he would receive his final instructions.

We will find this story in the Book of John Chapter 21.

Seven of the disciples were together waiting on the resurrected Jesus to appear to them again. It had been awhile and they were not sure what to do. So Peter decided it was time to get back to fishing. Remember this had previously been their job. The others decided to join him.

They fished all night and as the sun was rising they noticed a man standing on the shore. He cried out “How’s the fishing going?”

“Not to good”, they answered.

“Try the right side of the boat.” Immediately their nets were filled with fish. John was the first to recognize Jesus. Peter was the first to reach him because he jumped from the boat and swam ashore. The others brought the boat ashore bringing in the nets filled with 153 large fish. Thus began Peter’s reliving of the high and low points with Jesus. And some lessons taught to us.

Peter would recall his first encounter with Jesus, how Jesus filled his nets with fish after he allowed Jesus to use his boat to preach to the masses on the shore.

Like the day of the resurrection John would the first to arrive to the tomb and recognize that the body of Jesus was no longer there. But Peter would be the first to enter into the tomb and witness the details of the resurrection.

Let’s look at John 21:9-10. “When they got there, they found breakfast waiting for them—fish cooking over a charcoal fire, and some bread. ‘Bring some of the fish you’ve just caught,’ Jesus said.”

Jesus reminded Peter to be a servant. Jesus, the King of Heaven, could have waited for them to reach the shore and commanded a fire to be built and food to be prepared. But Jesus, the resurrected Lord, was still being a humble servant. He already had a warming fire going. He had fish already prepared. He did not require them to add to the menu but He did invite them to add to it if they chose to do so.

Next is John 21: 13 “Then Jesus served them the bread and the fish.”

Jesus reminded Peter to expect the miraculous. Peter would have remembered how Jesus took 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed the 5,000 plus people. Although at this moment food was abundant He wanted Peter to realize that provision would also be made in the lean times.

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