Summary: Answer’s to some of the most difficult questions; that face Christianity

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The Case for FAITH!

Objection #1: The Challenge of Faith:

Since Evil and Suffering Exist, a Loving God Cannot.

“Christian theism must be rejected by any person with even a shred of respect for evidence.” – George H. Smith, atheist 1st

“Christian faith is not an irrational leap. Examined objectively, the claims of the Bible are rational propositions well supported by reason and evidence.” – Charles Colson, Christian 2nd

Solution #1.

Evil As Evidence For God:

I. If a person is right in responding to suffering, with outrage, that presupposes there really is a difference between good, and evil. The fact that the person is using the standard of good to judge evil, the fact is there saying, quite rightly, this horrible suffering isn’t what is ought to be; that this notion corresponds to something real; and that there is, a standard to judge by called the Supreme God

II. Let’s say a teacher gives one student a 90% and another an 80% on there test. That presupposes 100% is a real standard to be judged by. And my point is this: if there is no God, where did we get the standard of goodness by which we judge evil as evil.

III. The very presence of these ideas in our minds- that is, the idea of evil, thus of goodness, and of God as the origin and standard of goodness- needs to be accounted for.

Question #2. To Objection Number 1.

Are there any other ways in which evil works against atheism?

I. If there is no Creator and therefore no moment of creation, then everything is a result of evolution. If there was no beginning or first cause, then the universe must have always existed. That means the universe has always been evolving for an infinite period of time- and, by now everything should be perfect. There would have been plenty of time for suffering and evil to have been vanquished. But there still is evil and suffering and imperfection- and that proves the atheist wrong about the universe.

II. If there was no moment of creation then why do we have a standard of good judging evil, where does this idea of goodness, and thus evil come from—if it doesn’t come from God.

Question #3. To Objection #1.

Then is atheism an inadequate answer to a problem of evil?

I. It’s an easy answer, if I may use the word, a cheap answer. Atheism is cheap on people, because is snobbishly says Nine out of Ten people have been wrong about God, and have had a lie at the core of their hearts.

II. Think about that, how is it possible that over 90% of all human beings that ever lived –usually in far more painful circumstances than we- could believe in God? The objective evidence, just looking at the balance of pleasure and suffering in the world, would not seem to justify believing in an absolutely good God. And this has been almost universally believed.

III. So atheism treats people cheaply. Also, it robs death of its meaning. And, if death has no meaning what so ever, then how can life ultimately have meaning?

IV. And in the end, when the atheist dies and encounters God, instead of nothingness that he had predicted, he’ll recognize that atheism was a cheap answer because it refused the only thing that is not cheap- the God if infinite value.

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