Summary: God uses strange ways to speak/hearts of people

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

March 9th 2014

Gen. 44 Joseph series #10


Intro: God uses strange ways to speak/hearts of people.

• Bible/filled/story/story/God used unusual methods

• Unusual means/get/attention of certain people.

God used:

• burning bush/speak/this disgraced prince/Moses

• donkey to speak to this pagan prophet/Balaam

• empty meal barrel/dead son/speak/poor widow/Zarapheth

• Israelite slave/speak great general/Naaman/2 Kings 5

• Rooster/speak to this fallen preacher/Simon Peter

• Whale/speak to Jonah

List could go on…few instances…enough…prove my point.


God/uses/necessary to penetrate/hard heart of humanity with the message He wants a person to hear.

• Passage teaches us/same truth.

• As story/Joseph/brothers continues to unfold

• God uses/simple silver cup/open/door/ forgiveness/reconciliation

After/years, God brings/guilty brothers/place/repentance through the ministry of Joseph’s silver cup.

• Preach/events/chapter/few minutes today

• I want you/keep/truth in mind

• God also knows how to speak to you and me.

• Chapter unfolds like a mystery.

Want you to see how God used a simple silver cup to soften the hearts of Joseph’s brothers.

• Incident involved/Conspiracy/Confrontation/Confession.



• Joseph/brothers/just enjoyed a time of celebration

• still don’t know/Joseph is/he/dropping hints here/there

• seats/brothers/table/birth order

• Benjamin/only full brother/five times/rest/brothers

• meal is over/next day has dawned

• Brothers are feeling pretty good about things

• Convinced/Prime Minister/not spies

• Rescued/Simeon/prison

Returning home/more grain/family/All their money

• most importantly/returning/Benjamin

• Judah had promised his father

No doubt/filled/excitement about going home/families/children.

Congratulating themselves over their successful mission to Egypt.

What they don’t know/God is working behind the scenes/face to face/sin some 22 years old.


• Brothers get ready/leave Egypt..

• Joseph tells/steward/house/prepare/grain they need

• V. 1 “as much/can carry”/give/money back also

Then, Joseph tells his steward to do something very strange.

• V. 2 Personal cup/place/sack that belongs to Benjamin

v. 3-5…now/brothers/gone far way

• Joseph/sent/steward/stop them/confront them/about cup.

Accuses them:

• Of “rewarding evil for good.”/stealing Joseph’s silver cup,v. 6

• V. 7 brothers deny/charge/seek to defend their honor

• V.8 remind/steward/plenty of money

• Why would we steal a silver cup?

• So sure/their innocence/make some strong promises.

V.9 swear/cup is found among them/guilty brother will die

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