Summary: In this world of fast-paced lives and ever-changing circumstances, we need stablity. God’s Word, truth, is always the same and is always relevant for all our needs. Luke 21:33 says that we can always depend on God’s Word.

At the beginning of a New Year here are some rather interesting challenges we face.

The past few weeks we’ve been looking at the idea of CHANGE…

and the Challenges in our lives that those changes present.

Two weeks ago we discussed that even though everything and everyone around us changes – God’s love for us never changes.

When you get up tomorrow morning…

• It doesn’t matter if the bottom of the Stock market falls out –

God still loves you

• It doesn’t matter if you lose your job, home, dignity, even your mind

God will still love you just the same

• In fact, Romans 8 says that, nothing can separate us from God’s eternal love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

• Not trouble

• Not persecution

• Not hunger, clothes or danger

• Not angels or demons

• Not any other powers

• Not height, depth, present or future

Nothing in all of creation… Nothing! You can count on that!

Oh, how we need to ponder that idea.

Last week, by way of my own experience and challenges in the change of my health, we saw that God’s love is constant and it is revealed through His faith-filled people who are willing and available for His use whenever and wherever they are called.

“Praise the Lord?”

So, again, this week, in the midst of an ever-changing world, politically, socially, culturally, individually… we need to have something strong, firm, unmoving and unchanging to which we can hold fast.

Something on which we can solidly stand while the world spins out of control –

we need to be in the control of the Unchangeable Word of God

This is a great reason to rejoice today… to know that God’s Word will never, never, never change. It is one of those “islands of stability” that we can count on.

• Even though the revisionists are rewriting the events of history

God’s Word will remain the same – Perfect and Holy

• Even though Scientists are making new technological discoveries and we can read about them daily…

o God’s Word – the Holy Bible - will never change

• While Wall Street fluctuates dramatically – and you can read all about it in the “Wall Street Journal”…

You will never go to God’s Word and find out it’s been changed ---- in any way.

You may make new discoveries – I hope you do

You may read something you’ve never read before…

God’s Spirit may reveal something to You – in a fresh new, instructive or invigorating way… that happens!

But it never changes!

In Fact, we read it together this morning in the responsive reading out of

Isaiah 40:8 --- God through His prophet declared.

“The grass withers and the flower falls, but the Word of God stands forever.”

How long is Forever?

The Word of God is Timeless… it is Eternal.

It never withers or fades… It’s always fresh… It never gets stale.

God’s Word is never, never “out of date”!

Some of you have been on one program or the other on “reading through the Bible in a year.

If you’ll read about 3 chapters a day

And 4 chapters on the weekends - you’ll read through the entire Bible in a year.

But those of you who have done that…

When you’ve read through it a second, third or fourth time… Haven’t you found that God’s Word is never mundane or Boring...

But that He reveals new and fresh ideas for your life all the time.

By the same token, if you are not in His Word,

You will be stale and spiritually boring – and most of all spiritually weak.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in ministry for years and years and years…

You can still pick it up and read it and it is as

Fresh and as relevant as the morning newspaper…

Even more so…

What an incredible thing that is… do you understand?

How different that is from the writings of men.

We live in an “information age” and so the things we humans write get so quickly out of date.

Our society is changing so fast – we’re making gigantic breakthroughs in

• Science

• Medicines

• Computer technologies and other disciplines…

That the text books on these subjects are many times out of date even before they are put on the shelves. You know that’s true!

Science texts – just a few years old – have within them,

theories that have already been disproven and

things stated as fact --that we now know to be false.

Because we just can’t keep up!

But listen to Psalm 119:152;

“Long ago I learned from Your statutes,” David says, “Long ago I learned from Your statutes that You established them to last forever.”

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