Summary: The scripture says Caleb had a unique spirit... this sermon explores that spirit.

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The Character of Caleb

Numbers 14:24

"But my servant Caleb because he had another spirit with him, followed me fully, him will I bring into the land he went to and his descendents shall inherit it"

Imperfections have distinguished some of the most eminent servants of God as shown in the scriptures.

Samson, Solomon, David, Abraham, Aaron, Peter, just to name a few.

Yet, there were those rare few whose lives were eminently holy, and free from public, moral deformities.

Enoch, Samuel, Daniel, Joshua, Job, etc.

We know that no man is perfect, but of these there is no record of their sin.

In fact, so holy was this man, Caleb, that God felt it necessary to give his own public estimate of the man.

We want to look at that estimate to see what we can take away from an encounter with Caleb.

I want us to look at...

1. The Spirit he possessed

2. The Course he adopted

and 3. The Distinctions he received.

I. The SPIRIT Caleb possessed.

God himself called it, "a different spirit..."

Different = not the same, not like the others, distinct.

Different or distinct from that possessed by the other 10 spies

and the people at large.

How was it different?

1. A spirit of FAITH and HOPE.

What does God want from His people?

One thing... OBEDIENCE!!!!

Where does obedience come from?

From hope and from faith.

Without faith it is impossible to obey God in the face of present problems and contradictions.

Without HOPE it is impossible to trust and obey God in the unknown. God wants to develop faith and hope in us.

The 10 spies and the people had neither.

They had NO FAITH to trust God in the face of giants, or walled cities, or armies, or the obvious problems.

Instead of having faith they were cowards.

They even admitted, 'We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and in theirs."

They had NO HOPE to believe that the invisible God could do things they could not imagine.

They could not have believed that the walls would fall by blowing trumpets, or that the armies would destroy themselves, or that the people were already in fear of them... the enemy felt like grasshoppers in their own eyes too.

No HOPE to trust God for the unknown.

So... they acted without hope and without faith and did the only thing one can do in such circumstances.... they cowered, they chose inaction, they chose to do without.

But what they were really doing, that only Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb understood was that they chose to DISOBEY GOD!!!

14:5 tells us, "Moses and Aaron fell down on their faces in front of the whole Israelite assembly, Joshua... and Caleb... tore their clothes and said, “Only do not rebel against the Lord.”

They showed them hope - "If the Lord is pleased he will give us the land"

Theirs was a spirit of disbelief - they accused God of tricking them.

And theirs was a spirit of hopelessness - WE CAN NOT!!

Which is your spirit??

The spirit of disbelief and distrust of God.

Or the spirit of faith.... of hope., and OBEDIENCE.

2. A Spirit of SELF-DENIAL

Caleb understood that the fight might be fierce, the battle might last long, there may be pain and suffering but those were secondary to obeying God.

The people wanted ease, comfort, and safety.

They were not willing to deny themselves... Caleb was.

They were not willing to suffer... Caleb was.

They wanted the rest without the journey; the reward without the labor; the victory without the warfare.


Do you possess a "Different Spirit" a spirit of self-denial.

Are you willing to deny your ego... to tell others about Jesus?

Are you willing to deny your comfort... in order to obey God?

Are you willing to deny yourself popularity... to obey God?

Be honest... which spirit do you have?

How would you have voted that day?


The people were like waves on an ocean... up and down.

They were doubting on one side of the river... believing on the other... obedient when the manna came... disobedient when Moses tarried on the mountain... one minute hot, the next cold...

Caleb, on the other hand, was steady as a rock, never wavering, always ready to obey... period.

He held fast to his beliefs, to his commitments, and to his God.

I challenge you to name one of the 10 spies that voted not to go into the promised land. You can't

There was nothing special to mark them. They are forgotten by history. No one cares to emulate them.

Same for us... If you are a Caleb at work.... standing up for right, for faith, for God... never wavering in obedience, even if it costs you... you will be remembered, marked, special.

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