Summary: Blessed are the feet of the man who carries the Gospel. You are the last line of defense.Can we accept the Truth?

The Chosen of Christ We as ministers must believe what the Bible states as truth. This sermon deals with,telling the truth, not as we know it but as Jesus told us. Jesus never tolorated sin and neather does He or the Father expect us to. If we as ministers cant tell the truth about what sin is then we are as lost as those that we try to reach. Lets see what Jesus had to say about sin. Luke 17;1-4 , ” It is impossible but that offences will come; but woe unto him, through whom they come.”..”rebuke him...” Luke 14 ;34-35,”Salt is good, but if the salt have lost his is neither fit for the land...but men cast it ou. He that hath ears, to hear, let him hear.” If we are offended by the scripture then we are offended by Christ. Ministers are the guideing light to the world. Jesus called the Pharisees , fools and hypocrites. Why? They deaveated from the truth. Are there not men so called ministers today that have and are devieating from the truth? The answer is yes, are they called by God to minister ? If their eye is dark ,then , no. Jesus said, ” Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.” I will say again, a man calling himself a minister of God, called by Jesus, a chosen one of Christ, will Not, behave himself, outside the boundries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will not be a drunkerd, fighter, theif, homosexual or anything that is unrightious, in the sight of the Lord. There are men today that are totally unrulely. They have left their first love and have gone astray in a path that will lead to utter destruction., and those who agree with them or allow them to minister unto them are just as guilty in the sight of God. Be not partaker in their sin. The scripture states very loudly, ...” and If he hear not the church, cast him out as a heathern.” Strong words., yes, but realise that we are in a battle for the souls of men, its a battle that we cant afford to lose. If we cant stand up for rightiouness, then we will fall for anything. No sin shall inter into the kingdom of Heavan, period. Lets look now at what Paul said about those that are unruely in the church.Romans 16:17-18, ” Now I beseach you breathern, mark them which cause devisions and offences that are contrary to the doctrin, which ye have learned, and avoid them.” Paul as with Jesus never gave options as far as sin was conserned. How do we, in this verse” mark them”?,.. by telling others, the doctrine that they are using is false and warn them to avoid these types of people. Isnt this gospel, isnt this, word, isnt this a commandment?,.. then why do ministers often avoid useing the power that Jesus has deligated unto us, the chosen of Christ? Lets look at a commentary of Matthew Henry on this verse....Romans 16;17, M.H. Com.,... ”If truth be forsaken, unity and piece will not last long. Many call Christ, Master and Lord, who are far from serveing Him. They corrupt the head by decieveing the Heart.” The Holy Spirit has lead me to write this sermon ,because of the divisions in the church around this country and the world, willing me to warn them that are unruely, that Christ will repay all that cause devision and spread false doctrine. We are the chosen of Christ and are expected to stand up for rightiouness and truth. ” and it shall come to pass ,that they shall say, piece and safety, and sudden destruction shall come upon them.” We are not of this world, we are in this world but we dont hafe to tolloriate the false doctrine, teachers, preachers and especially sin. We will as the Chosen of Christ, continue to battle sin at the source, cutting it up from the roots. We have a flock to protect and if we dont stand between them and the wolf, then who will. ..” where much is given, much is expected...” Jesus is expecting much from us, for we hold the keys to the kingdom in our hands, we are ambasidors of Christ. Peaqce, love and prosperity to all, ” blessed are the feet of the man who carries the gospel..” in Jesus name, Amen. You are the Chosen of Christ. ars.

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